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(of a part of the body) sensitive to sexual stimulation.
  1. 'It's not Kendall's fault that Bianca's ears are an erogenous zone.'
  2. 'Most of the time they'll only feel one point of contact, but on the highly sensitive erogenous zones they'll feel both.'
  3. 'As the child goes through infancy, childhood and puberty, it learns to cathect its body in a particular way - to localize erotic pleasure in certain erogenous zones.'
  4. 'Part of the problem is that for many people the neck is a very erogenous zone and receiving lip service here can be quite titillating.'
  5. 'Jasmine is popular in perfumes as it has a strong erogenous effect on people.'
  6. 'His hands discovered countless erogenous zones.'
  7. 'Freud demonstrated quite convincingly that when born, humans are ‘polymorphously perverse’, that is to say capable of receiving pleasure and stimulation from the whole body as one erogenous zone.'
  8. 'Though he does satisfy me, he refuses to touch my erogenous zone, which he calls dirty or nasty.'
  9. 'They're erogenous zones, so make raunchy use of them by lightly running the tip of your tongue along the edges.'
  10. 'Or maybe this is just an erogenous zone the rest of us never thought of.'


1. especially sensitive to sexual stimulation, as certain areas of the body: erogenous zones.

2. arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire; sexually stimulating.

More examples(as adjective)

"zones can be erogenous."


Late 19th century: from Eros + -genous.