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plural noun

The study of people's efficiency in their working environment.
  1. 'Along with ergonomics, precision and efficiency have become important issues as well.'
  2. 'The science of ergonomics recently has become an important consideration in health care settings.'
  3. 'Minus points aside, the cabin ergonomics are first-rate and it's easy to achieve a comfortable driving position.'
  4. 'So what other simple ergonomics am I neglecting in everyday life?'
  5. 'Finally, consider the ergonomics of your workspace, especially lighting, and keyboard and screen height.'
  6. 'The interior design is pleasant and the ergonomics are excellent.'
  7. 'To designers, though, ergonomics means comfortable efficiency - an excellent goal.'
  8. 'The science of ergonomics can vastly improve ballot design by creating ballots that are easy to read and use.'
  9. 'Then there is the issue of agent efficiency and productivity - positive ergonomics helps agents get more work done.'
  10. 'It goes beyond engineering ergonomics to the base level of why equipment will be used: to fight, win and survive.'

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1. human engineering.

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"standards can be ergonomics."


1950s: from Greek ergon ‘work’, on the pattern of economics.