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The action of erecting a structure or object.
  1. 'In a statement, the Kildare senator has said that he did not know about nor approve the poster's erection and he criticised the group involved.'
  2. 'Careful planning of site layout, erection of partitions, or underground hazardous substance storage and an overabundance of safety systems can actually save lives.'
  3. 'The splendid job of roadwidening and erection of new fencing on the stretch of road from Donnellon's Cross to the new housing estate and from the quarry road to the new cemetery is much acclaimed.'
  4. 'Prices tend to start at about £1,000 (excluding Vat, erection of timber frame and delivery).'
  5. 'The erector designed and positioned the falsework to allow erection of catwalks and primary steel for the five center elements.'
  6. 'This was also the reason behind erection of a granite boulder 3 1/2 miles east of Blumenort unveiled on Sunday before about 50 people.'
  7. 'However, the lights do cost money and the cost of erection and insurance tops • 1,000.'
  8. 'CITY PARKS is to launch a campaign to educate the public on the illegal erection of metal structures or ‘cots’ in cemeteries around Johannesburg.'
  9. 'It added that signs ‘must not impede ladder erection or climbing access to pole steps’ and ‘should have no sharp edges.’'
  10. 'The company has won international acclaim for their experience in the manufacture and erection of stainless steel structures and the completion of the spire is another feather in their cap.'
  11. 'she looked round the cafe, a bleak concrete erection'
  12. 'Berlin is pocked with meaningful erections that make the cranes and concrete mixers look aesthetic.'
  13. 'These erections - mosques, Buddhist temples and a statue of Jesus Christ - reflect the independent characteristics of different religions in their togetherness.'
An enlarged and rigid state of the penis, typically in sexual excitement.

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    1. the act of erecting.

    2. the state of being erected.

    3. something erected, as a building or other structure.

    4. Physiology. a distended and rigid state of an organ or part containing erectile tissue, especially of the penis or the clitoris.

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    "works can be erection."


    Late Middle English: from Latin erectio(n-), from erigere ‘set up’ (see erect).