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(of a head or limb) depicted as cut off in a jagged line.
  1. 'The hawks' heads erased Gules reflect the arms of the Chief of Clan MacNeacail.'
  2. 'It is therefore important when examining a slaver on foot to see that it is struck with the obligatory lion passant or leopard's head erased mark.'


1. to rub or scrape out, as letters or characters written, engraved, etc.; efface.

2. to eliminate completely: She couldn't erase the tragic scene from her memory.

3. to obliterate (material recorded on magnetic tape or a magnetic disk): She erased the message.

4. to obliterate recorded material from (a magnetic tape or disk): He accidentally erased the tape.

5. Computers. to remove (data) from computer storage.

6. Slang. to murder: The ga

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"gains can be erased."

"losses can be erased."

"parts can be erased."

"muchs can be erased."

"weeks can be erased."

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