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The quality of being fair and impartial.
  1. 'Our family of hospitals is wholeheartedly committed to equity and equality.'
  2. 'The view of equity as equal treatment was reflected in the expressed beliefs of the teachers in our study.'
  3. 'Rather, we should be working towards the election of a national Government that cares about equity, and a fair go for all.'
  4. 'The argument for coursework seems to be one from equity: that it is fairer to those who ‘aren't so good at exams’.'
  5. 'Almost no conservatives argue against the principle of gender equity.'
  6. 'It was based on principles of equity, people-centredness, quality and accountability.'
  7. 'But a declining commitment to global equity is inconsistent with our evolving brand.'
  8. 'Fairness and equity are bedrock Labour principles, and they are reflected in this Budget.'
  9. 'Nevertheless the whole episode showed the wisdom and equity of the rain check in American football.'
  10. 'Where are the health strategy principles of quality, equity, and accessibility?'
  11. 'if there is any conflict between the principles of common law and equity, equity prevails'
  12. 'Yes, the common law and equity jurisdiction was extended, was it not?'
  13. 'This rule has always been statutory and does not arise from either common law or equity.'
  14. 'Many other acts by the plaintiffs are also prohibited, whether by statute, common law or equity, or under the Treaty.'
The value of the shares issued by a company.
  1. 'Most people don't know much about financing and equity issues, so they tend to need a lot of information in this area.'
  2. 'Measures of revenue and profit are more volatile than the book value of shareholders' equity.'
  3. 'Much will depend on equity markets and merger and acquisition activity continuing in a healthy state.'
  4. 'The company recouped losses in the second quarter from equity market losses.'
  5. 'The board of IDBI Bank will meet on May 19 to consider a rights issue of its equity shares.'
  6. 'They align incentives around enterprise-level outcomes such as market share and return on equity.'
  7. 'Increases above this amount will be based on individual merit and market or equity issues.'
  8. 'The scandal was a contributing factor to a slide in world equity markets, knocking billions off stock values.'
  9. 'The group has increased its cash holdings since becoming worried, a few months ago, that equity valuations are looking stretched.'
  10. 'A stance should be taken on taxing dividends from equity mutual fund schemes.'
  11. 'trading in equities is governed by market rules'
  12. 'One advantage of corporate bonds over equities for investors is what happens if the company falls on hard times.'
  13. 'Investors who shy away from the risk of equities and the negligible interest on cash savings may prefer to buy bonds.'
  14. 'The balance of probability still favours equities outperforming bonds in the medium term.'
  15. 'Historically equities have tended to outperform all other investment asset classes.'
  16. 'The funds can buy equities, sell short and leverage their best ideas by buying and selling options.'
  17. 'It is too early to call the top for equities because shares prices tend to carry on rising even when the interest rate cycle has turned.'
  18. 'This is very good news for highly geared economies, such as the US and UK, and of course for equities.'
  19. 'Cynics say the sudden revival in private investors' interest in equities is also a sign that the best is over.'
  20. 'Investors are likely to become appreciably richer by investing in equities, rather than bonds or cash.'
  21. 'They can now invest in a complete range of assets from property to equities and bonds.'
The value of a mortgaged property after deduction of charges against it.
  1. 'While living in his house, he refinanced it repeatedly, pulling out equity to buy other properties.'
  2. 'Perhaps the value of your home has shot up so much in the last few years that you feel comfortable knowing that you are sitting on a fair amount of equity.'
  3. 'It appears that the amount of equity we have in our homes has tripled in value over the last decade.'
  4. 'It is estimated at this stage that net equity in the properties is in the region of £600,000.'
  5. 'A cash-out involves refinancing your mortgage and taking your equity out in cash.'
  6. 'Under the loans scheme, homeowners and landlords can release equity from their properties to carry out urgent and major work.'
  7. 'Releasing equity in a property can be a convenient source of funds, but it isn't always an appropriate plan, given the additional debt burden.'
  8. 'When that new mortgage was registered, there was clearly equity in the property.'
  9. 'The equity in the properties appears to be in the region of £9 million.'
  10. 'Many people choose to draw equity from their UK properties rather than having to take out a new mortgage.'
(in the UK, US, and several other countries) a trade union to which all professional actors must belong.

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    1. the quality of being fair or impartial; fairness; impartiality: the equity of Solomon.Synonyms: disinterest, equitableness, impartiality, fair-mindedness, fairness, justness, evenhandedness, objectivity; justice, probity.Antonyms: bias, discrimination, inequity, injustice, partiality, partisanship, prejudice, unfairness, unreasonableness; injustice.

    2. something that is fair and just: the equities of our criminal-justice system.

    3. Law. Also called chance

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    Middle English: from Old French equité, from Latin aequitas, from aequus ‘equal’.