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The necessary items for a particular purpose.
  1. 'I think they basically just got all the left over equipment from the office and gave it to me.'
  2. 'This will provide the dedicated staff and equipment necessary for small companies to compete.'
  3. 'They provide all computer equipment and course material for the duration of the programme.'
  4. 'The pair said there were several parties interested in buying the company's equipment but the land would be sold.'
  5. 'Employees should take a break away from office equipment every hour or two.'
  6. 'They will also have the opportunity to access a variety of office equipment to help research and develop their ideas.'
  7. 'As a child, his father kept him kitted out with all the necessary cricket equipment.'
  8. 'The company manufactures drilling equipment and uses lithium batteries as part of the process.'
  9. 'I was familiar as many readers would be with all the old horse gear, equipment and implements.'
  10. 'It still turns out that many of our kids are there without the equipment that they need.'
  11. 'the construction and equipment of new harbour facilities'
  12. 'I feel it my duty to state the great activity, energy, and zeal shown by the Admiral in superintending the equipment of the Danish ships and the embarkation of the stores from the arsenal.'
  13. 'Men don't quite have the right physical or mental equipment to be the dominant parent.'
  14. 'Sounds to me like you've got all the mental/spiritual equipment you need and should just get on with it!'
  15. 'The website instructs us to take one capsule a day until our equipment reaches the size we want.'
  16. 'Would you refer to your equipment as a stack of nickels, dimes or quarters?'
  17. 'Russian surgeons have constructed and grafted an artificial penis onto the body of a soldier who lost his equipment on a booby trap.'

More definitions

1. anything kept, furnished, or provided for a specific purpose.

2. the act of equipping a person or thing.

3. the state of being equipped.

4. the personal knowledge and skill required for a task, occupation, etc.: He has the necessary equipment for law.

5. the rolling stock of a railroad.

More examples(as adjective)

"years can be equipments."

"moldings can be equipments."


(equipment)Early 18th century: from French équipement, from équiper ‘equip’.