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Relating to or affecting horses or other members of the horse family.
  1. 'Horse-using societies unleashed their scientists and engineers to study equine machines and the horse became a form of technology.'
  2. 'If a patient cannot actively participate with a horse in the equine therapy program, she can participate in ground activities, such as grooming, leading and harness driving.'
  3. 'I've seen an equine dentist float a horse's teeth.'
  4. 'There was a considerable amount of equine rebellion as horses spooked, bolted and whirled.'
  5. 'The 1985 edition was played in May 1986 due to an equine infectious disease…'
  6. 'The low cell activity in equine species makes both in-vitro fertilization and cloning more difficult in horses than in cattle and even humans.'
  7. 'This will in turn lead to an improvement in equine knowledge among members.'
  8. 'Moreover, we present data on the variability of the first six equine Y-chromosomal microsatellite markers in the domestic horse and other equine species.'
  9. 'He imports horse feed and other equine equipment into Japan and he explains why all this is happening.'
  10. 'In an earlier equine study using healthy horses, the postprandial insulin response was dampened when oil was added to a single meal of corn.'
  11. 'her somewhat equine features'
  12. 'Your equine features make you truly, a face for radio!'
  13. 'Then again, it would be hard to summon much tenderness for this painting by one of those pale young Brits of equine features and unvirile demeanor.'


A horse or other member of the horse family.
  1. 'Of all the wild equines in the world today, only the plains zebras of Africa are present in large numbers.'
  2. 'Ragwort kills an estimated 500-1000 horses every year and by following the Code the risk of equines ingesting the poisonous plant will be minimised.'
  3. 'Blood-borne markers have been studied for many years in humans and assays have recently been adapted for use in equines.'
  4. 'The unpretentious equines were shot repeatedly over a 4-day period.'
  5. 'The equines were not allowed to be touched without permission, and were not to be overfed on treats.'
  6. 'How many of us have recent experience dealing with unbridled equines?'
  7. 'A new compulsory scheme which requires all equines to be registered by the end of the year is making the problem worse as owners off-load animals before the deadline.'
  8. 'They were by far the fastest equines in all the lands.'
  9. 'Beautiful equines gaily festooned in spotless harness and working in perfect rhythm, will always be the centerpiece of my circus memories.'
  10. 'Of course, I would miss the oxen and the goats, too, but I shared a very special connection with the equines.'


1. of, relating to, or resembling a horse: a bold, equine face. noun

2. a horse.

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Late 18th century: from Latin equinus, from equus ‘horse’.