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Forming or characterizing an epoch; epoch-making.
  1. 'the beginning of Jesus's human life is an epochal event'
  2. 'Her country's epochal events form the colorful backdrop for her breathless and episodic recounting of her own journey of self-transformation.'
  3. 'No matter how the case ends, the court's decision to accept the recorded testimony from the two children as corroborative evidence is epochal.'
  4. 'As with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the launching of Sputnik, epochal events can briefly change all the rules of the political game.'
  5. 'I'd say this thing is moving toward an epochal confrontation.'
  6. 'Eleven years before the epochal events in Germany, a seismic change was taking place in China'
  7. 'The Mahabharata War was the epochal event of ancient India.'
  8. 'He recalled the Exodus and other epochal events in Western history, claiming a similar importance for the present struggle.'
  9. 'He said an epochal flood ‘swallowed up’ the mountainous island.'
  10. 'But this is a momentous, perhaps epochal, political shift.'
  11. 'The International Monetary Fund played a crucial role in many of the epochal events of the 1990s.'


1. of, relating to, or of the nature of an epoch.

2. extremely important, significant, or influential.

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"times can be epochal."

"events can be epochal."

"works can be epochal."

"transformations can be epochal."

"scales can be epochal."

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