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Denoting or relating to a disease that is temporarily prevalent and widespread in an animal population.
  1. 'It occurs most frequently as an epizootic or enzootic disease of herbivores that acquire spores from direct contact with contaminated soil.'
  2. 'If a commercial breed were to be hit by a devastating epizootic disease, the genes of a hardy rare breed could be used to help re-establish the immunity of a commercial one.'
  3. '‘To date, our country has remained vigilant and successful in keeping out many epizootic diseases that have occurred in some parts of the SADC region,’ said the head of state.'


An outbreak of an epizootic disease.
  1. 'Several epizootics in wildlife have been associated with elevated exposure to contaminants.'
  2. 'Dynamics of periodic disease epizootics, low reproductive rates, and avian dispersal may contribute to rarity in many Hawaiian forest bird species.'
  3. 'That is, epizootics, such as outbreaks of cattle plague or foot and mouth disease, repeatedly have wreaked economic havoc without making people sick.'


1. (of diseases) spreading quickly among animals. noun

2. an epizootic disease.

More examples(as adjective)

"offices can be epizootic."

"diseases can be epizootic."


Late 18th century (as an adjective): from French épizootique, from épizootie, from Greek epi ‘upon’ + zōion ‘animal’.