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Of a bishop or bishops.
  1. 'The Roman Catholic Church still awards episcopal rings to bishops, and papal rings to popes and cardinals.'
  2. 'Yet this does not mean that Bell saw no place in the church for the episcopal office, and instead sought to map the historical pedigree of an hierarchical system of ecclesiastical governance.'
  3. 'The puritans of the Catholic Church, they opposed lax theology, excessive papal and episcopal power, and above all the influence of the Jesuits in Church and State.'
  4. 'If that happens, a historic opportunity will have been missed for the reform of the Church, and not least for the restoration of gravely damaged confidence in the Church's episcopal leadership.'
  5. 'If a nonordained man is selected, he must immediately be ordained priest and then bishop, with his succession to the papacy turning on the moment of his episcopal ordination.'
  6. 'On the same occasion, the pope gave Archbishop Carey a gold episcopal pectoral cross.'
  7. 'He cites instances in which priests served as bishops without episcopal ordination, acting only with the potestas bestowed by the jurisdictional authority of Rome.'
  8. 'Lefebvre - former head of the Holy Ghost fathers - was excommunicated in 1988 when he presided at the episcopal ordination of four priests, in defiance of a directive from Rome.'
  9. 'From the middle of the fifteenth century, it was governed by a lay confraternity and was completely independent of episcopal control.'
  10. 'Neither book examines in any detail how well or poorly bishops performed their episcopal duties in their dioceses.'
  11. 'Ministers, and particularly bishops in episcopal churches, also represent symbolically the church and Christ's way of life.'
  12. 'Historically, periods of upheaval in the church have always seen a recovery led first by the religious or monastic orders; the diocesan clergy and episcopal hierarchy then follow suit, returning to orthodoxy.'
  13. 'If the Welsh church has suffered from a bad historical press, it is as nothing compared to that endured by the episcopal established church in Ireland.'
  14. 'At the Hampton Court Conference of 1604, in which James presided over a meeting of bishops and Puritans, discussion was entirely about how to make the episcopal national Church more effectively evangelical.'
  15. 'That the Anglican churches are episcopal churches is on the way to becoming a semi-official designation as well as a fact.'
  16. 'Neuhaus makes a common mistake in separating the episcopal conference from its ‘supporting institution,’ the bishops conference.'
  17. 'They are autonomous, episcopal, Protestant Churches in fellowship with the Church of England.'


1. of or relating to a bishop: episcopal authority.

2. based on or recognizing a governing order of bishops: an episcopal hierarchy.

3. (initial capital letter) designating the Anglican Church or some branch of it, as the Episcopal Church in America. noun

4. (initial capital letter) Informal. an Episcopalian.

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Late Middle English: from French épiscopal or ecclesiastical Latin episcopalis, from episcopus ‘bishop’, from Greek episkopos ‘overseer’ (see bishop).