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(of a species) seriously at risk of extinction.
  1. 'elephants are acutely endangered in East Africa'
  2. 'For more on conservation and endangered species, visit Animals on the Edge'
  3. 'The tamarins are a highly endangered species found only in the rain forests of Colombia.'
  4. 'The giant panda, found in the wild in southwest China, is one of the world's most endangered species.'
  5. 'However, that tree has now been placed on the endangered species list and can no longer be harvested.'
  6. 'Magnolia stellata is an endangered tree species endemic to the Tokai region of central Japan.'
  7. 'Increasingly, breeding animals of endangered species is among a zoo's stated objectives.'
  8. 'The air traffic controllers with whom we now chat are fast becoming endangered species.'
  9. 'Although still carefully monitored, they have been removed from the list of endangered species.'
  10. 'Many people believe it is right to try to protect endangered species from extinction.'
  11. 'On what basis do scientists advocate saving particular endangered species?'


1. threatened with a danger: endangered lives of trapped coal miners.

2. threatened with extinction: The bald eagle may be endangered.

More examples(as adjective)

"wolves can be endangered in states."

"themselveses can be endangered in places."

"stabilities can be endangered by works."

"species can be endangered."

"acts can be endangered."

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