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A final part of something, especially a period of time, an activity, or a story.
  1. 'Mario led the race from beginning to end'
  2. 'At the end of this hellish journey, Japan Rail made my father pay for two more tickets.'
  3. 'On stepping on the scales just before the end of the week she exclaimed to me in terror that she had in fact gained weight.'
  4. 'Like him or not, we're seeing the tail end of a key era in Canadian politics pass.'
  5. 'On the evidence of this performance both sides will be in the running for honours at the end of the season.'
  6. 'All have time-sensitive deadlines that mark the end of August.'
  7. 'The Kildare fire services hopes it will have contacted most guest houses by the end of this year.'
  8. 'At the end of the journey he wished to express his appreciation for the favour by treating me to a drink in a bar.'
  9. 'We made a list and set a goal of playing at least one club on the list by summer's end.'
  10. 'At the end of our journey, back in Zheleznitsa, we lay down by the side of the river and even had a quick dip in it.'
  11. 'We got the early goal, scored right at the end of the first half and got another within seconds of them getting their goal.'
  12. 'The first stage will be completed by the end of March.'
  13. 'one notice will be effective to bring the tenancy to an end'
  14. 'If Labour wins its expected second landslide it will mark the end of a century of Conservative hegemony.'
  15. 'For the best part of a century, that clanging sound signalled the abrupt end of an English night out.'
  16. 'His initial one month deal came to an end at the weekend but the Conference side were keen to keep him there for longer.'
  17. 'Ward councillors have reacted with dismay, saying it will mean the end of historical links.'
  18. 'Mr Monks added: "That was the end of it, there was no awkwardness."'
  19. 'Mistakenly, I think that's the end of it.'
  20. 'She accepted that she might be mistaken about this point - so that is an end of it.'
  21. 'he realized that his end was near'
  22. 'It was hardly the most glorious end for a man who had cheated death so many times in so many of the world's wilder places.'
  23. 'That was the end of her career on that ship, and Big Sal nearly gave up the ocean going life for one of nursery nursing.'
  24. 'The deal signalled the end for group founder MacKenzie, who has since made his exit.'
  25. 'the end of that man is peace'
The furthest or most extreme part of something.
  1. as modifier 'the end house'
  2. 'This one sounded tired, as if the owner had just run from one end of the world to the other.'
  3. 'The cashier will also be moved to the opposite end of the service area to improve customer flow.'
  4. 'Laura sat curled up at one end of her bed, a book in hand and a notebook in the other.'
  5. 'Alternatively, you can telephone the phone numbers given at the end of this piece.'
  6. 'It seemed to me as if the sky split open from one end to the other to rain down fire.'
  7. 'She did a few laps, and then at one end of the pool, stopped to take a breather and relax.'
  8. 'She grabbed one of the ropes and tied one end to a four by four that was supporting the roof.'
  9. 'Where once it took three hours to get from one end of the island to the other, it now takes one.'
  10. 'In some cases, gable end cladding can be replaced with space sheeting.'
  11. 'On the floor just below the north tower there was a balcony with statues on each end of it.'
  12. 'A door opened and slammed shut again at the far end of the hallway.'
  13. 'I couldn't even see the far end of the tunnel.'
  14. 'The dog should be put on a leash and the owner and the dog should stand at one end of a hallway or a room.'
  15. 'For example 9 billion cigarette ends get dropped around Australia every year.'
  16. 'you're going to honour your end of the deal'
  17. 'If she isn't holding up her end of the deal than she should get a job and bring in some income.'
  18. 'All of us work along a spectrum with emotions at one end and the intellect at the other.'
  19. 'At extreme ends of the scale, the choice as to what you can grow is limited to plants that are suitable to either acid or lime.'
  20. 'So how does the low end of the performance scale do here?'
  21. 'However, at the other end of the scale the worst site was at Ballybeg which had been a problem for a long time.'
  22. 'A structural shift in the nature of the public markets means that opportunities for venture capitalists that weren't there previously are now arising at both ends of the deal spectrum.'
  23. 'It has gambled on ventures elsewhere in the world to get a bigger share of the luxury end of the market.'
  24. 'During a space mission, astronauts and their spacecraft are exposed to temperature extremes on both ends of the scale.'
  25. 'And its not just those at the lower end of the economic scale who are feeling the pinch.'
  26. 'Would it not have been better to invest that money in raising the level of grants at the lower end of the scale?'
  27. 'At the opposite end of the scale, Charlton went all season without earning a single spot-kick.'
  28. 'But the hottest souvenir buy this year comes from the other end of the fashion scale.'
  29. 'Only those at opposite ends of the social scale joined up.'
  30. '‘Hello,’ said a voice at the other end'
  31. 'When I got out of the tube at the other end of my journey, his voicemail was waiting for me.'
  32. 'Fantastic routes do go down other sides of the mountain though, with their ends linked to free bus connections heading back to the lifts, hotels or bars.'
  33. 'Sometimes I would buy a ticket from the machine at the other end of my journey, then rip it up and put it in the bin.'
  34. 'when they changed ends, the goals kept coming'
  35. 'Goalless at the end of normal time, the teams changed ends for extra-time.'
  36. 'He has become timid at both ends of the court, and his playing time has been cut.'
  37. 'Both players were trying to dominate with fast, attacking shots and they shared the next two ends to take it to a deciding set.'
  38. 'One rule in tennis is that every other game you switch ends of the court with your opponent.'
  39. 'Although he still is overpowered at times, Miles has been very effective at both ends of the court playing closer to the basket.'
  40. 'Ham consistently plays team basketball on both ends of the court-a concept his teammates don't embrace.'
A goal or desired result.
  1. 'to this end, schools were set up for peasant women'
  2. 'Surely the administration would not resort to blackmailing us into allowing the use of the airport to further their own ends?'
  3. 'In other words, no one can prove conclusively we are lying, so we will continue to lie in order to further our own ends.'
  4. 'He was happy to use me to further his own ends, secure in the knowledge that he'd take me out with virtually no effort when the time came.'
  5. 'Indeed, it is arguable that one can only achieve ones ends by engaging in means that those who oppose you will understand and that will hurt them seriously enough to make them take notice.'
  6. 'So he obviously developed a way to use nationalism and identity to further his own ends.'
  7. 'Human action is the purposeful striving after desired ends.'
  8. 'Some might try and use those deaths for their own ends, or to justify their belief that we should never have walked this path.'
  9. 'Sadly this often results in the initiative itself becoming the end in itself rather than the means to it.'
  10. 'To this end I believe that the County Board must act now before an incident like this ends tragically.'
  11. 'This view fuelled an increasingly ruthless pursuit of methods by which to harness nature for purely utilitarian ends, motivated by desire for control, power and wealth.'
(in bowls and curling) a session of play in one particular direction across the playing area.
    A lineman positioned nearest the sideline.
    1. 'He was a pass-rushing defensive end in college.'
    2. 'The ends line up directly in front of the offensive tackles.'
    3. 'The team puts four ends on the field and gets heavy pressure without blitzing.'


    Come or bring to a final point; finish.
    1. 'the chapter ends with a case study'
    2. 'The first half, which was full of excellent football, ended scoreless.'
    3. 'Death ends life before you have a chance to learn and live.'
    4. 'Make sure every training session ends on a happy note, this is crucial.'
    5. 'Another version ends with the death of the gang members and their leader.'
    6. 'Some faculty members find the prospect of abruptly ending their academic careers distasteful and choose instead to postpone retirement.'
    7. 'After all, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire begins with a nightmare and ends with a death.'
    8. 'The meeting in Geneva thus ended abruptly in high-visibility failure.'
    9. 'The deal ends two weeks of consolidations in the sector.'
    10. 'The season ends on a positive note with the beginnings of a more experienced team.'
    11. 'When the interview ends, you share a burst of laughter with your mates because of the near miss.'
    12. 'The opera ends not with the death of Rusalka and the Prince, but with Rusalka's sexual thawing.'
    13. 'For folks of my political persuasion, last year ended on a very bleak note.'
    14. 'the surfaced road ends at the farm'
    15. 'An alley runs from 12th Street behind the entire strip, and it ends before reaching 13th in a concrete wall.'
    16. 'You see our district had no boundaries that we knew of, so we had to find out where it began and ended, if it did at all.'
    17. 'Following the course of these small island spate rivers to where their journey ends and heather turns to sand is a fine way to fish.'
    18. 'It was still rather foggy out, so I couldn't tell where the dirt path ends or begins.'
    19. 'But there's a strange exception to this doctrine. It ends when you reach America's shores.'
    20. 'The K, or critical point, marks where the landing area ends and the hill begins to flatten out.'
    21. 'the man ended by attacking a police officer'
    22. 'He ended by saying that the agreement provides for disputes to be resolved by adjudication.'
    23. 'The bishop ended by apologising for upsetting his flock and saying he had been honoured to serve the Church.'
    24. 'Frankie thanked the fans for all the support, and ended by pledging that he'd be back.'
    25. 'the match ended in a draw'
    26. 'Remember their fine display against Dublin this time a year ago when the match ended in a draw?'
    27. 'Glenda was nursing a broken heart after her first marriage ended in divorce.'
    28. 'This is true, he says, despite the fact that almost one in three marriages eventually ends in divorce.'
    29. 'As he tells the BBC, there's no point undertaking a project out of malice as it usually ends in bad results.'
    30. 'It was the first one-day international final to end in a tie and only the fourth in England's history.'
    31. 'It is a love that cannot last, a love that must be terminated or will end in death.'
    32. 'There was very little between the teams and it was appropriate that the match ended in a draw.'
    33. 'My argument was that whenever I watch even part of a football match, it ends in a penalty shoot-out.'
    34. 'To date all the matches had ended in a stalemate.'
    35. 'I ended up in Eritrea'
    36. 'Eventually we both got tired and he ended up staying in the spare bedroom.'
    37. 'City had led in their first meeting at half-time only to end up losing.'
    38. 'If he does end up staying, he'll have a difficult time adjusting.'
    39. 'My opinion is that people take it from their mouths, toss it towards the bin but it misses and ends up on the floor.'
    40. 'I never thought that I would end up falling in love with her too.'
    41. 'Sport can be very cruel when a team plays its best football for years and ends up with nothing.'
    42. 'It is the curse of the diplomat who, in attempting to please everyone, ends up pleasing nobody.'
    43. 'Trying to juggle too many things at once, she sometimes fears she ends up not doing any of them well.'
    44. 'It's going to be interesting to see where it ends up some ten years from now.'
    45. 'I especially like the way the burglar ends up joining them for a cup of tea at the end!'
    46. 'Why do you people think that Ryo and I are going to somehow end up falling in love?'

    More definitions

    1. the last part or extremity, lengthwise, of anything that is longer than it is wide or broad: the end of a street; the end of a rope.

    2. a point, line, or limitation that indicates the full extent, degree, etc., of something; limit; bounds: kindness without end; to walk from end to end of a city.

    3. a part or place at or adjacent to an extremity: at the end of the table; the west end of town.

    4. the furthermost imaginable place or point: an island at the very end of the world

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