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Charge (a medium) with electricity; pass an electric current through.
  1. 'You also can use five strands of barbed wire or a five-strand New Zealand fence with two strands electrified.'
  2. 'The fence, now electrified no longer and partially nonexistent, sagged pitifully.'
  3. 'They're completely unsafe, I'm sure they would be banned in America: they run on batteries, and have fine wires which are electrified when you push a button on the side of the handle.'
  4. 'Place a normal rat in a cage with a grid floor, sound a tone, and then briefly electrify the grid with a current that will feel painful to the rat (but not strong enough to cause any damage to the rat's paws).'
  5. 'He was electrified by a ‘bull wire’ fence around his home, because he believed a man in the area was going to blow his head off.'
  6. 'The new electrified vehicles are faster and more comfortable than the buses currently operating on the line.'
  7. 'Then electrified hurricane barbed wire was looped across the top of the fence, its barbs laced with deadly blowfish toxin.'
  8. 'In seconds, his life is snuffed out as the wire is electrified because of improper insulation.'
  9. 'Well at least they knew the fence wasn't electrified.'
  10. 'the east coast main line has been electrified'
  11. 'The company concedes that the present timetable, which was set out when the system was electrified in 1967, cannot cope with increasing passenger numbers.'
  12. 'The darkness was the result of one of those choices imposed on supposedly electrified villages that have no control over when the ‘current’ will come each day.'
  13. 'He added: ‘It is now coming home that the Glasgow to Edinburgh route will never be anything more than a ‘touch and go’ service until the line is fully electrified.’'
  14. 'In later years, the tarries were electrified, and poles held the trolley wire.'
  15. 'The Manpower Northern Electricity Consortium which was awarded the contract to electrify the area was currently having negotiations with Government to give the concessions.'
  16. 'We are electrifying the system as we go to make provision for future developments, Mr Lalor said.'
  17. 'After a few more years, we were delighted to find that there were plans to electrify the line and, after considerable disruption, trains began stopping at our station once again.'
  18. 'This new route presents a golden opportunity to use the rolling stock that was mostly idled when the Blainville line was electrified.'
  19. 'Work is due to start next year on a 340 million euro project to upgrade and electrify the main railway line from Plovdiv to Svilengrad near the Turkish border.'
  20. 'The current schedule is nearly 40 years old, introduced when the system was electrified.'
Cause a sudden sense of thrilling excitement in (someone)
  1. 'What is happening here is electrifying people with ambition throughout the world.'
  2. 'At 23, Morton is one of Britain's most electrifying young actors.'
  3. 'And when that news came out, people were absolutely electrified.'
  4. 'I started with a shrimp dish, which electrified me.'
  5. 'Woods, an extremely athletic player who surprisingly fell to No.21 in the draft, had three electrifying dunks off lob passes.'
  6. 'Pavel Bure is an elite player - probably the most electrifying player I've ever coached.'
  7. 'Devin Hester, the Hurricanes' most electrifying player, returned two punts for scores.'
  8. 'When he emerged from the London to Runcorn train journey who should he see to electrify him back to life?'
  9. 'His stage performance that night electrified the crowd and it led to a recording opportunity.'
  10. 'The crowd was electrified by what was arguably one of the best matches ever.'
  11. 'They here inspire Hickox and his team to performances just as electrifying as those they have given of the great series of late Haydn masses.'
  12. 'Julian sang each note with heartfelt sincerity as Blake's blistering guitar work electrified the audience.'
  13. 'He had an electric and electrifying personality and it comes through in his music.'
  14. 'They can take Reggie Bush, the most electrifying player in this class, but they really don't need a running back.'
  15. 'Since their inception in July 1999, they've been electrifying crowds all over Canada with their unique style and socially concious lyrics.'
  16. 'He was electrifying the crowd in a way you seldom see a politician manage to pull off.'
  17. 'Nervousness is sickening, excitement is electrifying.'
  18. 'For Wilkins, being called one of the most electrifying players in the game's history is the highest compliment he can receive.'
  19. 'And both LaMontagne and Oberst are electrified into activity by some of the same currents that originally charged Dylan.'

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1. to charge with or subject to electricity; apply electricity to.

2. to supply (a region, community, etc.) with electric power: The valley wasn't electrified until 193


3. to equip for the use of electric power, as a railroad.

4. to excite greatly; thrill: to electrify an audience.

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"effects can be electrifying."

"plays can be electrifying."

"performances can be electrifying."

"touchs can be electrifying."

"sales can be electrifying."

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(electrify)Mid 18th century: from electric + -fy.