Adjective "Dry" Definition and Examples




    1. free from moisture or excess moisture; not moist; not wet: a dry towel; dry air.

    2. having or characterized by little or no rain: a dry climate; the dry season.

    3. characterized by absence, deficiency, or failure of natural or ordinary moisture.

    4. not under, in, or on water: It was good to be on dry land.

    5. not now containing or yielding water or other liquid; depleted or empty of liquid: The well is dry.

    6. not yielding milk: a dry cow.

    7. fr


    "places can be dry on dates."

    "weathers can be dry during nexts."

    "weathers can be dry in/at/on days."

    "places can be dry with highs."

    "weathers can be dry with temperatures."

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