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Assert one's will over another in an arrogant way.
  1. 'She said he was domineering and had persuaded her to go.'
  2. 'Ruthless, clinical and forever domineering they haunt a team who just can't make that final breakthrough.'
  3. 'He was commanding, domineering, sardonic and intimidating.'
  4. 'The male had to be domineering, imposing, and always taking the initiative.'
  5. 'She has told the court her mother was difficult, domineering and physically and verbally abusive towards her.'
  6. 'She let her career overtake the relationship, and she's become too controlling and domineering.'
  7. 'Considering that his production style is as domineering as it is remarkable, this is no easy feat.'
  8. 'My husband wasn't in the least bit domineering but he was a strong man so there was no need for me to worry about bill-paying or problems.'
  9. 'All she wanted was him to be more domineering.'
  10. 'The tiger again looked so powerful, so domineering, and so strong.'

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1. inclined to rule arbitrarily or despotically; overbearing; tyrannical: domineering parents.

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"people can be domineering in images."

"people can be domineering in handshakes."

"people can be domineering."

"husbands can be domineering."

"parents can be domineering."

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Late 16th century: from Dutch dominieren, from French dominer, from Latin dominari (see dominate).