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Cause (someone or something) to change course or turn from one direction to another.
  1. 'When they thought that we had left, I took a full circle and diverted the car towards quarry number 1.'
  2. 'I'll divert more power to the shields, that should give us a little more time.'
  3. 'Outbound lanes will be closed and drivers diverted to detours for another week.'
  4. 'With such potential being diverted away from worthwhile direction, I must admit that it breaks a little bit of my heart.'
  5. 'His soldiers leveled their villages and his engineers diverted and drained the water that gave the marshes life.'
  6. 'Junctions 33 to 34 of the M6 were closed in both directions, meaning all traffic was diverted through the city.'
  7. 'Apparently much of the water upstream has been diverted for agricultural use.'
  8. 'Unfortunately, the Garda patrol car was diverted to another incident and never reached Ballycastle that night.'
  9. 'Also, the flashing must be carefully designed and constructed to direct and divert the water.'
  10. 'Trucks and buses were also banned from using the flyover, with commercial vehicles diverted to the roundabout underneath.'
  11. 'an aircraft has diverted and will be with you shortly'
  12. 'Lisa quickly diverted from her lacky wannabe followers and stood by Hannah's locker.'
  13. 'Police said the men diverted onto the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway and then onto the Eastern Main Road.'
  14. 'While some roads have been made one-way and BMTC buses diverted, congestion hasn't eased.'
  15. 'Nowadays I'll divert from my route if I sense I'm making a fellow pedestrian feel uncomfortable, man or woman.'
  16. 'People divert from their normal route to avoid disturbing this not so rare breed!'
  17. 'Cartagena is on the north coast of Colombia, and the Master diverted there.'
  18. 'Many passengers are still unaware of the changes and are surprised when these buses divert from their old routes.'
  19. 'This survey will doubtless indicate how many private car owners have diverted to which alternative routes.'
  20. 'The cruise liner diverted from its course to cut down the flying time of the helicopter from RAF Lossiemouth.'
  21. 'Curious, the Mistress of Freeport diverted from her course to have a closer look.'
  22. 'By recycling these items they are diverted from landfill avoiding the associated environmental problems.'
  23. 'Studies are on to find other alternatives and the Government should divert more funds towards this.'
  24. 'By using the green recycling bin, you can divert up to 25% of waste from landfill.'
  25. 'From now on resources will be diverted into the new versions of the PlayStation and X-Box.'
  26. 'The result was an ambitious target for Essex of 65 per cent of waste diverted from landfill without incineration by 2007.'
  27. 'Money could be diverted into areas where it could be put to better use, such as policing hard core drugs.'
  28. 'The point is that if that money were diverted into transport uses, taxation would have to be raised from other sources.'
  29. 'The service will see more than 100 tonnes of organic waste diverted from landfill each year.'
  30. 'Yet it might divert huge amounts of capital for replacing fossil fuels rapidly with alternative energy sources.'
  31. 'They do not, as far as I know, complain that a huge slice of their council tax is diverted into the coffers of the art gallery.'
Distract (someone) from something.
  1. 'Therefore, attention should not be diverted from traditional risk-lowering strategies in favor of folic acid supplementation.'
  2. 'Rose diverts all of her attention to the hot tea, inadvertently releasing Delilah from her magical hold.'
  3. 'Those who go to mosques for prayers should not allow their attention to be diverted for any reason.'
  4. 'I am sorry, yes, perhaps I got diverted, your Honour.'
  5. 'With Tane's attention momentarily diverted, Ferik's knee swung upwards into his stomach.'
  6. 'It diverts the public's attention away from decades of cuts in hard-won government programs for income security.'
  7. 'Her attempt to get his attention only partially diverted him.'
  8. 'As memes evolve, they become better and better at distracting and diverting us from whatever we'd really like to be doing with our lives.'
  9. 'The best trick is to momentarily divert their attention - " Hey!'
  10. 'In a way it is now a silent crisis, because our attention has been diverted to other disasters.'
  11. 'a diverting book'
  12. 'Ultimately, though, Lessing provides a cracking good story that diverts, entertains and stimulates.'
  13. 'At their best, these tales entertain and divert.'
  14. 'It is endlessly diverting and can keep a simpleton like me amused for near hours on end.'
  15. 'I was diverted and entertained, but never truly absorbed.'
  16. 'A culture frantic to entertain, divert, and inform cannot drown out boredom.'
  17. 'Needless to say, I wanted to put the book aside, because it is not entertaining or diverting.'
  18. 'But some people aren't just looking to be diverted or entertained by music.'

More definitions

1. to turn aside or from a path or course; deflect.

2. British. to route (traffic) on a detour.

3. to draw off to a different course, purpose, etc.

4. to distract from serious occupation; entertain or amuse. verb (used without object)

5. to turn aside; veer: It is sad to see so much talent divert to trivial occupations.

More examples(as adjective)

"gamings can be divert."


Late Middle English: via French from Latin divertere, from di- ‘aside’ + vertere ‘to turn’.