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Suffering from extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain.
  1. 'the distressed relatives of his victims'
  2. 'The referral letter described the marital relationship as extremely distressed, with Andrea thinking of leaving her husband.'
  3. 'At the time of admission she seemed to be in pain and was distressed and dehydrated, with a coated tongue.'
  4. 'He remained silent and she watched his face; he looked so pained and distressed - completely emotionally drained.'
  5. 'Then he heard Xena's voice call his name, she sounded distressed and in pain.'
  6. 'If Micko goes the players will be extremely distressed.'
  7. 'Jeanne is extremely distressed by the revelation in the Minister's office.'
  8. 'She was extremely distressed, shaking, visibly shaking, very upset.'
  9. '‘I feel sorrow for all the veterans who were extremely distressed by this act,’ he said.'
  10. 'In Hong Kong, distressed relatives of passengers and other loved ones gathered in the airport to await news.'
  11. 'In such cases the general family climate is distressed to the extreme.'
  12. 'It was in February 1998 that he set out from his village with the noble objective of serving the poor and distressed.'
  13. 'Sharma also made an appeal for beds sheets, mattresses, stoves, food and clothing for the distressed families.'
  14. 'Many distressed real estate assets have since been repackaged as REITs.'
  15. 'The family finances are strong enough that they could start buying up distressed properties.'
  16. 'As for AMCs, it's unclear whether there will be enough buyers in the market who are interested in purchasing distressed properties.'
  17. 'Most of these were distressed institutions put up for sale as part of a systemwide restructuring.'
(of furniture or clothing) having simulated marks of age and wear.
  1. 'Antique beads and braiding were sown on to jersey tops and distressed lace was used to create a patchwork feel on dresses.'
  2. 'He even threw in a Rebel without a Cause moment with his olive suede four-pocket jacket paired with a distressed leather pant.'
  3. 'With his manicured facial hair and distressed leather crown, Steve Hendrickson's Leontes exudes hot, renegade royalty.'
  4. 'Wear them with a pair of boot-cut distressed designer jeans, a thick gray wool turtleneck, and a beige or brown corduroy blazer.'
  5. 'What if we designed products to get better during transport and handling, the way distressed leather and sandblasted jeans do?'
  6. 'I have been known to wear some pretty distressed stuff at times, since after all that is one current style.'
  7. 'Glossy, worn and distressed leathers complement the hues of the season.'
  8. 'When the distressed look in furniture showed up, frames followed suit, she said.'
  9. 'Take it down a few notches by ditching the velvet blazer for a military-inspired jacket worn with distressed jeans.'
  10. 'Officers believe Douglas was wearing a black shirt, distressed jeans and a blue denim jacket with a cream fleece lining.'


1. affected with or suffering from distress.

2. (of merchandise or property for sale) damaged, out-of-date, or used.

3. (of real estate) foreclosed and offered for sale.

4. (of furniture) purposely blemished or marred so as to give an antique appearance.

5. (of fabric) made or processed to appear faded or wrinkled, as if from long, steady use: Our best-selling jeans are the ones in distressed denim.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be distressed at things."

"patients can be distressed in admissions."

"patients can be distressed for approaches."

"plaintiffses can be distressed by scars."

"places can be distressed at behaviours."

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