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Unable to concentrate because one is preoccupied by something worrying or unpleasant.
  1. 'But I tried not to get distracted from the task at hand.'
  2. 'People are briefly distracted, Gable concedes, but she says the boost in morale makes it worthwhile.'
  3. 'The driver is so distracted by a milkshake that he almost plows right into the back of another car!'
  4. 'Grace was too distracted by the thought of getting dirt in her brand-new white shoes.'
  5. 'They were distracted by a dull thumping sound from the other side of the room.'
  6. 'He seemed distracted for a second, and then grinned and slung himself up into his bunk.'
  7. 'But we should not be distracted from the real issues it could not investigate.'
  8. 'I was distracted for a second and realized I had traveled a bit off the road.'
  9. 'Anna looked up, momentarily distracted by the noise her friends were making.'
  10. 'But like a child whose attention is easily distracted, he turned his attention back to Michelle once again.'


1. having the attention diverted: She tossed several rocks to the far left and slipped past the distracted sentry.

2. rendered incapable of behaving, reacting, etc., in a normal manner, as by worry, remorse, or the like; irrational; disturbed.

More examples(as adjective)

"sessions can be distracted by calls."

"places can be distracted at times."

"places can be distracted at laughings."

"places can be distracted at fidgetings."

"people can be distracted in/at/on nights."

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