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Pulled or twisted out of shape; contorted.
  1. 'The infant's upper lip and much of his face was terribly distorted, but he looked normal following surgery.'
  2. 'The performers appear onscreen as bloated, bruised, and distorted figures, just as in Dorian Gray's portrait.'
  3. 'Then he took a few steps in her direction, his face distorted with rage.'
  4. 'The resulting picture is stunted, distorted.'
  5. 'Loci showing distorted transmission ratios were widespread.'
  6. 'Here the beam has been distorted by the particle.'
  7. 'A portrait of her nephew was distorted by the texture of the absorbent paper.'
  8. 'The MSN site is sending Opera users what appear to be intentionally distorted pages.'
  9. 'A young woman commands an army of distorted horses through the nasal passages of a sleeping King.'
  10. 'Their distorted faces look flattened, as if they'd pulled pantyhose over their heads.'
Giving a misleading or false account or impression; misrepresented.
  1. 'Indeed, TM has made many incorrect or distorted public announcements to advance its programs.'
  2. 'Perversely, there are strangely distorted echoes of Morris in the latest fashions for "empowerment."'
  3. 'Either side of these oppositions will fuel the perception that the emotional life of others is distorted relative to a norm.'
  4. 'I begin to observe closely the ways that this balance becomes distorted by my lack of presence.'
  5. 'Three mailings have attacked - at times distorted - her voting record.'
  6. 'The encounters happened, each race finding in the other little more than a distorted reflection of itself.'
  7. 'By seeing herself only in terms of what she lacks that others have, Susan acquires a distorted self-image.'
  8. 'In large part, media coverage promoted this distorted view of the problem.'
  9. 'Distorted interpretations of Christ's death continue to exert a powerful influence.'
  10. 'Translation software is not yet perfect, and the resulting text may be distorted.'
Affected by electrical distortion.
  1. 'The music reflects this, too, with distorted bursts of treated guitar giving the otherwise breezy melody a demented cast.'
  2. 'Earlier issues in this series were compromised by distorted sound, as if the original Columbia LPs had been played with a dull stylus.'
  3. 'However, in our testing, we ran out of volume gain before the bass driver distorted.'
  4. 'The pain message gets amplified and distorted, much as music blasted through regular speakers does.'
  5. 'Autumn Defense's "Bluebirds Fall" follows, a melodic, Zombies-like track accented with a distorted organ.'
  6. 'But he's churning out rock riffs and distorted licks, adding in some quite throaty vocals as well.'
  7. 'The greeting is followed by a noise that's a cross between a scream and a distorted electric guitar'
  8. 'A soundtrack of distorted modem tones, composed by Hendee, recalled synthesized howling wind.'


1. not truly or completely representing the facts or reality; misrepresented; false: She has a distorted view of life.

2. twisted; deformed; misshapen.

3. mentally or morally twisted, as with an aberration or bias: He has a distorted sense of values.

More examples(as adjective)

"quotes can be distorted since weeks."

"pictures can be distorted by occurrences."

"people can be distorted on wholes."

"periods can be distorted in minds."

"paths can be distorted into paths."

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