Adjective "disrespectful" definition and examples



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Showing a lack of respect or courtesy; impolite.
  1. 'She finds English people in general very rude, especially children disrespectful of their parents.'
  2. 'The problem lies in a deeply disrespectful, even contemptuous, attitude towards women.'
  3. 'He said the amount of beer cans and rubbish was insulting and disrespectful to the people buried there.'


1. characterized by, having, or showing disrespect; lacking courtesy or esteem: a disrespectful remark about teachers.

More examples(as adjective)

"presses can be disrespectful to monarchies."

"posters can be disrespectful of people."

"people can be disrespectful in reds."

"coaches can be disrespectful of games."

"people can be disrespectful."

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