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Having the shape of a dish; concave.
  1. 'They are pretty little things with floating manes and dished faces; not quite the angry war horses you would imagine from the tribesmen's descriptions.'
  2. 'Their large, wide splayed hooves kept them from sinking in, and their dished faces and large nostrils helped them to breath the hot air, filtering out the sand.'
  3. 'Use a leveling compound in all the low and dished areas, and then allow it to dry before installing the underlayment.'


1. concave: a dished face.

2. Older Slang. exhausted; worn out.

3. (of a parallel pair of vehicle wheels) farther apart at the top than at the bottom.

More examples(as adjective)

"outs can be dished."

"assists can be dished."

"orders can be dished."

"surfaces can be dished."

"people can be dished."

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