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Angry or dissatisfied.
  1. 'It seems that some disgruntled moviegoers are angry with the advertisements that now run before most movies.'
  2. 'The disgruntled employees from the data management team left immediately and vowed not to return.'
  3. 'A resident was so disgruntled when his rubbish was not collected that he threatened to dump it on the town hall steps.'
  4. 'It marks another win for disgruntled shareholders, but does the penalty go far enough?'
  5. 'He was disgruntled at the introduction of the smoking law, saying it took away his freedom.'
  6. 'She is no longer vibrant; she is disgruntled and unable to commit to anything or anyone.'
  7. 'A good reputation can be severely dented by a dissatisfied cleaner or by a disgruntled customer.'
  8. 'The President is just being insulted by the citizens, because they are disgruntled.'
  9. 'The defence portrayed her as a disgruntled employee who had reasons to lie.'
  10. 'By the end of his life he was a disgruntled and unhappy man, spending any money he had made on drink.'


1. displeased and discontented; sulky; peevish: Her disgruntled husband refused to join us.

More examples(as adjective)

"patients can be disgruntled with drugs."

"members can be disgruntled about changes."

"suppliers can be disgruntled in/at/on weeks."

"suppliers can be disgruntled at gains."

"people can be disgruntled at things."

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Mid 17th century: from dis- (as an intensifier) + dialect gruntle ‘utter little grunts’, from grunt.