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The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.
  1. 'To bring in the law as a big stick with which to beat parents of recalcitrant kids implies that there can be no discipline: only punishment.'
  2. 'In 1923 parliament began to revise the code of military discipline.'
  3. 'The rules of discipline were not casually administered.'
  4. 'Sparta was, as you know, a military state, so to be ‘Spartan’ is to adhere to a code of military discipline.'
  5. 'It is important to distinguish between discipline and punishment.'
  6. 'Alongside the obsession with test results goes an insistence on discipline and harsh punishment of bad behaviour.'
  7. 'A second possible interpretation emerges when parents' discussions of discipline practices are considered.'
  8. 'Along with the other cadets, he rose before dawn, kept his quarters neat, attended class and adhered to a military code of discipline.'
  9. 'Institutionalization of discipline and dress codes is another strategy used to curb violence.'
  10. 'She said schools were reminded in 1994 that behaviour and discipline codes should include measures to counter bullying behaviour.'
  11. 'he was able to maintain discipline among his men'
  12. 'It seems to me that this House cannot have it both ways, and that we need some consistency here in order to maintain discipline.'
  13. 'Traditionalists see crime and poverty as largely the result of a breakdown in social discipline or self control.'
  14. 'That meant tight budgetary discipline to control inflation, reduce the deficit and moderate the volume of public debt.'
  15. 'In most cases it takes lots of self control and discipline, but it is the lack of those particular qualities in a majority of players that keeps the casino gaming industry thriving.'
  16. 'She displays all the skills of her craft with discipline controlled by passion.'
  17. 'What's needed from me is a little bit more control and discipline.'
  18. 'It also suggested that a high level of formalism, discipline, and control is required for flexibility to be achieved.'
  19. 'At the time, his playing impressed me with its discipline, control, intelligence, and gorgeous sound, all directly in the service of the music.'
  20. 'More than ever before, the working men of Chicago had to conform to new standards of industrial discipline and self control.'
  21. 'The victory guaranteed them top place in their group and was deserved after they defended with discipline and controlled a game which witnessed several crowd incidents.'
  22. count noun 'Kung fu is a discipline open to old and young'
  23. 'However, to be continuously successful at any physical discipline requires that you be sincere to yourself and dedicated to the game.'
  24. 'The practice of kata, as a lifelong physical discipline, is, however, an appropriate method of practice for older people.'
  25. 'It's a very physical discipline, how do you prepare for it?'
  26. 'In fact, the Roller Skating School has endeavoured to popularise this all-year sport as a physical training discipline in schools and colleges.'
  27. 'Yoga, you might be interested to know, is the oldest physical discipline in existence.'
  28. '"Just how do they favour certain sports disciplines over others.'
  29. 'Thirty-five sports disciplines and four cultural activities will be offered during seven days of competitions.'
  30. 'he doesn't have to submit to normal disciplines'
  31. 'It will be negotiated in conformity with the rules and disciplines of the World Trade Organisation.'
  32. 'The discipline system is focussed on the values project.'
  33. 'That type of activity was only feasible and could only be guaranteed to have sufficient quality if an organisation had all the disciplines, funding and support to do it, he said.'
  34. 'They affirmed that existing and emerging regional trading agreements should be consistent with WTO rules and disciplines.'
  35. 'Nevertheless, morality is intelligible only as a social discipline based on general rules impartially applied.'
  36. 'It goes back to the basics of art in film by a self-imposed discipline of 10 ‘rules'.'
  37. 'The move away from national capitalisms to a more uniform system based on market disciplines has contributed to the undermining of the legitimacy of governments in Europe.'
A branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.
  1. 'With such technology, individual scholars may even be able to afford to own the entire recorded knowledge of their disciplines.'
  2. 'Anthropology is a social science discipline whose primary object of study has traditionally been non-Western, tribal societies.'
  3. 'Nowhere is that liberal ideology so powerful as in the discipline of economics".'
  4. 'The project is even a little ironic, considering the history of the discipline of geography.'
  5. 'Medicine and law were the first disciplines to professionalize their knowledge.'
  6. 'Although similar to other inductive processes, this methodology differs in that it emerges from the discipline of sociology.'
  7. 'Success seems to be a goal for all disciplines of psychology.'
  8. 'Many academic disciplines have defined keys journals in their field, but health education has failed to do so.'
  9. 'Not for nothing are the branches of science called disciplines.'
  10. 'Historians of psychology frequently grumble about the marginal status of historical scholarship within the discipline of psychology.'


Train (someone) to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.
  1. 'The problem seems to be less the availability of the drug than the fact that society has lost confidence in its ability to educate and discipline children.'
  2. 'Since the government banned corporal punishment in schools, teachers think they cannot discipline the children.'
  3. 'Spanking is not just a right parents have when dealing with their children; nor is it just a necessary tool for training and disciplining children.'
  4. 'One thing disciplining a child has taught me is that you need to keep iron control over your temper and watch what you do - because your child is watching and taking cues from your behavior.'
  5. 'Older people overwhelmingly feel that children have less respect for the older generation and older people are unable to discipline their children and grandchildren.'
  6. 'This means more than just teaching us and disciplining us.'
  7. 'A state's truant officers can also discipline the parents of delinquent students if they either aid or condone their children's misconduct.'
  8. 'On other occasions I delved into very personal issues, such as problems with in-laws or disciplining children.'
  9. 'It is also a dishonest campaign, since most of its proponents object to any form of punishment that parents use to discipline their children.'
  10. 'If a good father disciplines his child to teach him, and a bad father punishes his child to let out frustration, a terrible father shows no interest at all.'
  11. 'a member of staff was to be disciplined by management'
  12. 'Only one state board had disciplined a physician for undertreatment of pain.'
  13. 'About a decade ago, seeking to give managers more power, the department instituted binding arbitration for disciplining officers.'
  14. 'The brigade commander will be disciplined for failing to manage his troops properly.'
  15. 'Regulatory law may demand that the rules be legally enforceable and that members be disciplined for their breach.'
  16. 'He should be reprimanded and disciplined in the same manner as players and managers.'
  17. 'Have they been fired, disciplined or reprimanded?'
  18. 'The deputies were later disciplined for offences that included not stopping the beating and not writing up a report about it.'
  19. 'The secretary of the Footballers' Association said there were already heavy punishments available to discipline footballers.'
  20. 'Could I go to section 10, the power to discipline by way of reprimand.'
  21. 'I requested that the officers be disciplined and properly trained.'
  22. 'Also I need to give myself lots of study time because I loathe studying and I'm rather bad at disciplining myself to do it.'
  23. 'Set your clock a half hour earlier and discipline yourself to arrive early for work or appointments.'
  24. 'Read something you disagree with and discipline yourself to analyze why you disagree.'
  25. 'Like many of the students on his course he finds mathematics difficult and has been unable to discipline himself to distribute the workload evenly throughout the term.'
  26. 'As a jockey I disciplined myself to put money aside to pay my tax bills, which were for tens of thousands of pounds.'
  27. 'I really must discipline myself to get up and wake up.'
  28. 'See, there's a reason I discipline myself to be faithful to electronic media.'
  29. 'It amazed him how much these people had to discipline themselves to stay that way.'
  30. 'This time out, however, he disciplines himself to reach the goal.'
  31. 'To control risks, you'll need to set targets - and discipline yourself to follow them.'

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1. training to act in accordance with rules; drill: military discipline.

2. activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training: A daily stint at the typewriter is excellent discipline for a writer.

3. punishment inflicted by way of correction and training.

4. the rigor or training effect of experience, adversity, etc.: the harsh discipline of poverty.

5. behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control: g

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Middle English (in the sense ‘mortification by scourging oneself’): via Old French from Latin disciplina ‘instruction, knowledge’, from discipulus (see disciple).