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/dɪm ˈsʌm/

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A Chinese dish of small steamed or fried savoury dumplings containing various fillings.
  1. 'Of all the great Chinese cuisine, dim sum stands out as a perennial favorite around the world.'
  2. 'Wontons may be steamed or pan fried or deep-fried; and are often served in soups, or as items in dim sum.'
  3. 'There are Filipino stews, take out Chinese dim sum, or German sausages and French pastries at a deli.'
  4. 'I would be happy to drink large quantities of this easy white with all manner of fragrant dim sum, too.'
  5. 'During the day it offers set menus and afternoon tea with Cantonese dishes and dim sum at reasonable prices.'
  6. 'Obviously the queues are prompted by the availability of dim sum.'
  7. 'Sake wine and whiskey are also the order of the day, along with delicious bar snacks from sashimi and dim sum to fried oysters and Japanese sausage.'
  8. 'Nowadays, various dim sum are also sold in takeaways as many students and office workers' day-to-day breakfast.'
  9. 'This makes the dim sum fresh, and makes other dim sum seem greasy and congealed by comparison.'
  10. 'The children also enjoyed a little Chinese cuisine as they tucked into a feast of seaweed, rice parcels wrapped in lotus laves, dim sum, noodles and prawn crackers.'

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1. small dumplings, usually steamed or fried and filled with meat, seafood, vegetables, condiments, etc.

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"styles can be dimsum."


(dim sum)From Chinese ( Cantonese dialect) tim sam, from tim ‘dot’ and sam ‘heart’.