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(of a person, animal, or plant) stop living.
  1. 'trees are dying from acid rain'
  2. 'In fact, I can't recall any account of an oak tree actually dying from old age; it may be that they go on and on, changing form and surviving until some accident destroys them.'
  3. 'The fish farmers had to stop their activities, as their fish and shrimp died from the pollution.'
  4. 'Oxfam, to take one example, pay less because they're doing a serious job in the scrag-ends of the planet to stop people from dying from extreme dehydration.'
  5. 'Thirty thousand children were already dying needless deaths daily.'
  6. 'He went on to say that there is a difference between dying from cancer and living with cancer.'
  7. 'As soon as flowers die, cut back plants to 6 inches from the soil level.'
  8. 'How many people have seen a fox dying from lead shot poisoning?'
  9. 'Men attempted to claw their way out, perhaps asking themselves how they ended up in such a remote location, dying the loneliest of deaths.'
  10. 'She would have died a normal death otherwise within a couple days of her collapse in 1990.'
  11. 'His family have put up the first posters in their campaign to stop other children dying from solvent abuse.'
  12. 'many species died out'
  13. 'However, due to climate changes and other pressures, many species began to die out.'
  14. 'The quilt symbolizes the need to preserve the country's folk art, which is in danger of dying out.'
  15. 'This will be in the same way that species die out if they do not physically adapt to events and their environment.'
  16. 'Languages are like lifeforms; when one dies out, a lifeform has become extinct.'
  17. 'They attract an older clientele and they are dying out.'
  18. 'They are dying out because the wild flowers on which their caterpillars feed are being killed off by farmers, landowners and foresters.'
  19. 'Natural capital can clearly be depreciated when, for example, a non-renewable resource such as oil is used up, or when a species dies out, or when air pollution increases.'
  20. 'Hittite, for example, died out when its civilisation disappeared in Old Testament times.'
  21. 'Currently we are living through the largest species extinction event since the Dinosaurs died out.'
  22. 'Scots are dying out, and unless we can reverse the decline in our population we are entering the early years of the final, great Clearance of Scotland.'
  23. 'after a while, the noise died down'
  24. 'Just as you think that the threat has died down, then an attack like this happens.'
  25. 'Antiwar demonstrations have died down, but the nude protest idea seems to have caught on.'
  26. 'It seems to have died down now that the song's popularity has waned.'
  27. 'Brook took herself off to America until all the fuss died down.'
  28. 'As the hysteria died down, a deep gloom fell over America which was to last over two months.'
  29. 'A week later, once my bruising had died down, I obtained a new photocard and handed in the form to report the loss and claim a replacement.'
  30. 'If you are thinking of going wait till the frenzy has died down.'
  31. 'The family fled, returning to Kabul in early 1996 when fighting died down.'
  32. 'On Friday, even as the fighting had died down, it was still impossible to enter the camp to check the stories we had heard.'
  33. 'After the song died down, there was a loud applause and a lot of cheers from the crowd.'
  34. 'rhubarb dies back to a crown of buds each winter'
  35. 'While out digging, put in a few patches of winter pansies or a clump of ornamental cabbages to give a little brightness as other plants finally die back or lose their leaves.'
  36. 'The plants will begin to die back by February or March, when they will be ‘flailed’ and the ground will be fertilised ready for next year's crop.'
  37. 'But grasses are poor fodder: tough, low in nutrients, high in tooth-destroying silicates, and dying back to the roots in cold weather.'
  38. 'A herbaceous perennial, this plant dies back at the end of summer and remains dormant until late winter when leaves gradually begin to break through the surface of the soil and unfurl.'
  39. 'Herbaceous plants that are dying back may be prone to fungal attack and can look awful, but don't be too hasty.'
  40. 'We will leave the flowers until they have died off completely and then remove them.'
  41. 'First, management has to give up the naive notion that it can survive by simply holding on until the retiree base begins dying off later this decade.'
  42. 'Since there are not enough males and females to propagate the race, both families eventually die off.'
  43. 'Until they die off, I fear we'll have little chance of being taken seriously.'
  44. 'Sadly a recession in trade followed and with the old soldiers dying off we couldn't stay open.'
  45. 'But that generation is really dying off or retiring.'
  46. '‘As younger physicians don't stay or start new practices, and older doctors are retiring or dying off, those of us in the middle are asked to do more and more,’ declares Ruben.'
  47. 'Andrew Neil as publisher would be a blessing for the Telegraph, worried that its purchasers, often as old as the Conservative Party's average member, are dying off.'
  48. 'Adding to the problem of declining numbers is that a lot of old horsemen have been dying off, and their sons have decided not to carry on.'
  49. 'This mechanism also would explain why post-Soviet males are dying off at such young ages.'
  50. 'the fire had died and the room was cold'
  51. 'My quarters were cold and dark, the flames in the hearth having died to a small pile of glowing embers.'
  52. 'The fire had died to a pile of small, glowing coals that scattered into a shower of sparks when I threw a pair of logs in.'
  53. 'Over the next few days, after the Yule log has died to an ember, we will attempt to clarify those hard choices for readers.'
  54. 'When the last of the natural light had died I heard Mathias' voice boom out through the night sky like the last guest trying to hail a cab home.'
  55. 'When the flame died, we poured a measure of water equal to the amount of absinthe into the glass.'
  56. 'The fire started to die, and the shadows were getting creepy, especially the shadows around Desi's face.'
  57. 'As the fire dies down, a cuckoo fills the forest with its unmistakable call.'
  58. 'The fire had begun to die down and Sei could fell the room growing colder.'
  59. 'I am left alone, to wake and guard, until the seven fires die, and the fire in the pit also goes out.'
  60. 'As the daylight died, the shadows came to life and began to prowl about the hedges and corners of houses.'
  61. 'I was halfway through a text message when the phone died'
  62. 'The engine died, and the two of them arose from their seats and opened the door into the rear area of the ship.'
  63. 'In the first race in the Chase, at New Hampshire, he had a strong car and led before his engine died.'
  64. 'I had to reformat once when I installed the wrong soundcard drivers and again when I tried to install SP2 and it died on me.'
Be very eager for something.
  1. with infinitive 'he's dying to meet you'
  2. 'I'm sure they were just dying for the opportunity to come clean and acknowledge their guilt.'
  3. 'I knew you were dying to ask me that important question.'
  4. 'I woke up earlier than I wanted to (I was dying to sleep in since I haven't had a chance to do so in ages) but that's okay.'
  5. 'They were dying to see Ashanti, yet word along the grapevine was that she was no great performer.'
  6. 'It is typical of Plazas's professionalism and realism that she is reluctant to advertise a wish list of roles she is dying to tackle.'
  7. 'I got tired of eating Chinese food and was dying to eat something different so I decided to go to a pizza shop behind my hotel.'
  8. 'We haven't seen each other in a few years, and I'm dying for her to meet Leta.'
  9. 'Worse than all that, though, is having to seduce women when he's dying inside for a man.'
  10. 'I probably could have got a job with a computer company, but I was dying to go back to cooking, to restaurants.'
  11. 'I was dying to ask for a photo but I just lost my nerve.'
  12. 'we nearly died laughing when he told us'
  13. 'It's so beautiful, I feel as if I'm dying of happiness.'
  14. 'When I arrived at work in London this morning I nearly died to find my desk piled with post.'
  15. 'I had a look at the Gleaner's cartoon just now and I nearly died laughing!'
  16. 'Did you know I nearly died when I saw him standing in front of me and asking me to dance?'
  17. 'Then she calls him a blame shifter and then screams for a time out and I nearly died laughing.'
  18. 'But inwardly I was dying of curiosity about Nellie's sudden trip.'
  19. 'The kinder, gentler Parrot is dull and many of his listeners on 2GB must be dying of boredom.'
Have an orgasm.


    1. 'So we changed the rule such that only the caller lost a single die on an exact bid and we've found that the game is far more enjoyable.'
    2. 'To begin, players roll a die to determine which category question they begin with.'
    3. 'Combat is handled through targeting a unit in your opponent's force, then rolling a die.'
    4. 'This is because during your turn, you get to draw a card with a saying on it, roll a ten-sided die, and then act out a mood.'
    5. 'It was the first popular game where movement was not determined by a die roll.'
    6. 'Different die rolls allow you to move your jeep, or shift some of the animals.'
    7. 'If you're unlucky enough with the roll of the die, the game can be over even faster.'
    8. 'For many dice games - in fact, most such games that I can think of - a six-sided die is sufficient.'
    9. 'Trials were randomized by the throw of a die, and for each trial, each caller was assigned a number from 1 to 4.'
    10. 'First a regular game of Chess is conducted and then each player rolls a single die.'
    A device for cutting or moulding metal into a particular shape.
    1. 'That is going to be the key on pressed metal parts because you can't just take the CATIA design and cut dies to that and get an accurate part.'
    2. 'If the thermal path is poor, however, the temperature of the die and L1 device will be quite high.'
    3. 'This press consisted of a hand operated vertical pump which forced molten lead through a horizontal tube forming the die.'
    4. 'Hand forgings are produced by working aluminum stock between flat dies or other simple tools that shape the piece roughly to the required contour.'
    5. 'It's fairly easy to grind metal out of a die, but putting it back in presents a real problem.'
    6. 'If hexagon heads are desired, a heading tool will upset some of the metal into a hexagon-shaped die cavity.'
    7. 'Making complex parts typically requires costly dies - molds into which metal or plastic is poured or stamped.'
    8. 'It is essentially a die shrunk R100, and is based on a .15 manufacturing process.'
    9. 'This class also includes plastic molds and die cast molding dies.'
    10. 'The Quick Plastic Forming process involves heating an aluminum sheet and using air pressure to form it against a heated die.'
    11. 'It was compared to a copper trial struck from the die, and carefully examined by several numismatic professionals.'
    12. 'Coins are being struck with dies, and when the dies are finished, a mint normally likes to get the final approval from the authorities before striking the number of coins ordered.'
    13. 'Some years back, the first coins produced with new dies looked better than the ones produced later.'
    14. 'The pierced motifs were mechanically cut with a steel punch and the embossed decoration on the borders stamped out with steel dies.'
    15. 'A set of printing dies stamps the sayings on the sheets in edible red ink, and the hearts are cut.'
    16. 'He learns that the art of hand-etching engraved dies is fading away as computers and machines have taken over to precisely duplicate the classic fonts.'
    17. 'A die was very much cheaper to procure although of course a separate die had to be made for each design.'
    18. 'Q. And when I make a die, I have to create it manually?'
    The cubical part of a pedestal between the base and the cornice; a dado or plinth.

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      1. to cease to live; undergo the complete and permanent cessation of all vital functions; become dead.

      2. (of something inanimate) to cease to exist: The laughter died on his lips.

      3. to lose force, strength, or active qualities: Superstitions die slowly.

      4. to cease to function; stop: The motor died.

      5. to be no longer subject; become indifferent: to die to worldly matters.

      6. to pass gradually; fade or subside gradually (usually follow

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      "people can be die in hospitals."

      "people can be die in dates."

      "wins can be die during meals."

      "victims can be die of suffocations."

      "people can be die in/at/on springs."

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      (die)Middle English: from Old Norse deyja, of Germanic origin; related to dead.


      die a (or the) death
      die hard
      die in bed
      die in harness
      die like flies
      die on one's feet
      die on the vine
      never say die
      to die for