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A lateen-rigged ship with one or two masts, used chiefly in the Arabian region.
  1. 'RFA tanker Brambleleaf has picked up the survivors of a blazing dhow in the Arabian Gulf.'
  2. 'With large fleets of small fishing dhows clustered around the edges of the exclusion zones, Somerset's ship's company must remain alert to what is happening in particularly sensitive areas.'
  3. 'In an area of heavy traffic, from massive oil tankers to tiny fishing dhows, Echo carried out detailed surveys to locate underwater hazards such as rocks and shallow banks.'
  4. 'The boarding team found goods stolen from the dhows aboard the speedboat.'
  5. '‘We use the smaller teams to board small vessels - dhows, fishing boats - and we use larger teams for the larger vessels like tankers cargo carriers, passenger ships,’ he said.'
  6. 'Vessels, especially traditional dhows, can land and depart from the coast unregistered and undetected.'
  7. 'Another popular craft is the production of dhows, boats made of wood, according to a traditional design that does not use metal nails.'
  8. 'Argyll has challenged 150 ships in all, and boardings varied from small dhows to large container ships.'
  9. 'The dhow was sinking around 40 miles from land between Sumatra and Malaysia in the Malacca Strait.'
  10. 'During the shrimp season there are literally hundreds of fishing dhows plying these waters.'

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1. any of various types of sailing vessels used by Arabs on the east African, Arabian, and Indian coasts, generally lateen-rigged on two or three masts.

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"boats can be dhow."


Late 18th century: from Arabic dāwa, probably related to Marathi dāw.