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Having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment.
  1. 'a rabbi's devout prayers'
  2. 'She was a single lady who was a devout Catholic and deeply religious.'
  3. 'But this is just speculation and there may be many members of the Church who live devout lives.'
  4. 'So we have an enormous amount of evidence of widespread religious behaviour and of devout behaviour as well.'
  5. 'My Grandmother read the bible every day and was a devout believer in God.'
  6. 'A meal here is a devout religious observance, and also a session of psychotherapy.'
  7. 'For the devout Hindus who pray at tiny ponds and puddles, the Saraswati is both a real river and a deity.'
  8. 'At the same time he was a believer in all sorts of myths and mysteries, and a devout worshipper of divinities both Greek and Oriental.'
  9. 'I was most deeply moved by the way this lovable man prayed, so devout and so certain that God heard his prayer.'
  10. 'No one struggling to live the devout life will fail to recognize that prayer.'
  11. 'Although a devout Sikh, he took part in religious acts with Muslims and Hindus as well.'
  12. 'Few espouse political ideologies of any sort, since devout beliefs can impede one's effectiveness as a peacekeeper.'

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1. devoted to divine worship or service; pious; religious: a devout Catholic.

2. expressing devotion or piety: devout prayer.

3. earnest or sincere; hearty: He had a devout allegiance to the political regime.

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"catholics can be devout."

"christians can be devout."

"people can be devout."

"moslems can be devout."

"muslims can be devout."

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Middle English: from Old French devot, from Latin devotus ‘devoted’, past participle of devovere (see devote).