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  1. 'prayers for the departed'
  2. 'Colleagues from his days in St. Patrick's Training College in Dublin came from various parts of the country to pay tribute to their departed friend.'
  3. 'I know things about you that nobody else knows, not even your dear departed husband.'
  4. 'The triumphalism gives way to the mourning contemplation of a dear departed friend's great qualities of heart and mind.'
  5. 'Colleagues held a minute's silence as a mark of respect for their departed friend at last Friday night's card drive in Knock Community Centre.'
  6. 'York Wasps paid the perfect tribute to their departed coach Lee Crooks yesterday by finally delivering the kind of committed performance he so desperately wanted to see.'
  7. 'And it is no length ago since the sadly departed Charlie McCreevy was telling us that we are throwing too much money and not enough action at the problem.'
  8. '‘Why don't you do a film on Babaji,’ the now departed Swami had asked him.'
  9. 'The chief minister expressed his personal condolences to the members of the bereaved family of Prof Azad and prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul.'
  10. 'After the war, the district was reborn as Peace Memorial Park, a place where people come to comfort the departed souls and pray for enduring human peace.'
  11. 'Among the many things credited to the departed comedian, Sauzande, was his contribution to the development of the local film industry.'


1. deceased; dead.

2. gone; past. noun

3. the departed. the dead person referred to. dead persons collectively.

More examples(as adjective)

"laws can be departed by legislations."

"laws can be departed by developments."

"presidents can be departed."

"servants can be departed."

"colleagues can be departed."

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