Adjective "denuclearised" definition and examples

(Denuclearised may not be an adjective, but it can be used as an adjective, click here to find out.)



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Remove nuclear weapons from.
  1. 'Above all, the decision was made to denuclearize Europe by withdrawing all forward-based nuclear warheads, especially the few low-yield warheads we had deployed, and by shifting military planning to a conventional response.'
  2. 'So, first step, I think, everyone agrees, we've got to get this place denuclearized.'
  3. 'I want to denuclearize the peninsula and make it a peaceful place.'

More definitions

1. to remove nuclear weapons from (a country, region, etc.).

2. to prohibit the deployment or construction of nuclear weapons in (a country, region, etc.).

More examples(as adjective)

"peninsulas can be denuclearised."