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A charge payable to the owner of a chartered ship on failure to load or discharge the ship within the time agreed.
  1. 'The shipowner could earn more at less risk by making sure there were demurrage clauses in the charter party.'
  2. 'Importers must also pay shipping companies demurrage, which is a charge imposed to cover the time between the arrival of its vessel and the return of its container delivered at the port.'

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1. the detention in port of a vessel by the shipowner, as in loading or unloading, beyond the time allowed or agreed upon.

2. the similar undue detention of a railroad car, truck, etc.

3. a charge for such undue detention.

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"fines can be demurrage."

"costs can be demurrage."

"charges can be demurrage."

"claims can be demurrage."

"bills can be demurrage."

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Mid 17th century (also in the general sense ‘delay’): from Old French demourage, from the verb demourer (see demur).