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An advocate or supporter of democracy.
  1. 'As a democrat, I believe that minorities should be protected from the prejudices of the majority when they turn on pursuits they find distasteful.'
  2. 'The democrats would have us believe that corruption of an organ of state is only curable by voting.'
  3. 'European and American politicians continually praised him, describing him as an exemplary democrat.'
  4. 'He says that as a democrat he believes in social justice and endeavours to make life better for everyone.'
  5. 'I've always called myself a progressive and a democrat, but today I know that to be a democrat you have to be one in practice.'
  6. 'But it is a system that many constitutionalists and democrats see as a standing affront.'
  7. 'As a democrat, I believe it should be possible to have changes of government in line with what people vote for.'
  8. 'I think the President is a democrat and in democracy we have preferences.'
  9. 'A democrat can hardly object if the people believe that they should restrain themselves by using the courts.'
  10. 'As a democrat, he stated one should not automatically exclude other elected parties from participation in government.'
(in the US) a member of the Democratic Party.
  1. 'Although the Democrat is favored at this point, his victory is not guaranteed.'
  2. 'Because of the rules change, Democrats have refused to participate on the committee.'
  3. 'Leading Republican and Democrat members of Congress are questioning his tactics.'
  4. 'According to opinion polls, it is an idea shared by both Democrats and Republicans.'
  5. 'Both the Democrats and Republicans claim that there is no money for such a program.'
  6. 'He had his share of policy reversals, mainly at the hands of Democrats in Congress.'
  7. 'It was the Democrats protesting against Democrats in office in a Democratic city.'
  8. 'Could his lack of overwhelming popularity have cost the Democrats seats in the Congress?'
  9. 'Republicans and Democrats showed every sign of wishing to band together in order to effect change.'
  10. 'How did a Democrat managed to capture the governorship of such a state in such a year?'

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1. an advocate of democracy.

2. a person who believes in the political or social equality of all people.

3. (initial capital letter) Politics. a member of the Democratic Party. a member of the Democratic-Republican Party.

4. Also called democrat wagon. a high, lightweight, horse-drawn wagon, usually having two seats.

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"senators can be democrat."

"supporters can be democrat."

"proposals can be democrat."

"parties can be democrat."

"oppositions can be democrat."

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Late 18th century (originally denoting an opponent of the aristocrats in the French Revolution of 1790): from French démocrate, on the pattern of aristocrate ‘aristocrat’.