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Take (troops) out of active service, typically at the end of a war.
  1. 'By the end of October, most of the mobilized reservists had been demobilized, but 9,428 still remained on active duty.'
  2. 'When war ended, hordes of soldiers were demobilized and war industries slumped.'
  3. 'Politically, everyone wants to demobilize reserve soldiers as quickly as possible following a national emergency requiring their presence.'
  4. 'Distinguished but disillusioned, Lawrence was demobilized as a lieutenant colonel in 1919.'
  5. 'The army of some 5.5 million soldiers was demobilized, and military installations destroyed.'
  6. 'We laid down our arms, we demobilised our soldiers and sent them home.'
  7. 'Then, once agreement had been reached between the two countries, they would both demobilise their armies.'
  8. 'The war being over, troops in the Mediterranean were expected to be sent home and demobilised.'
  9. 'The plan originally called for 11,500 soldiers to be demobilized last year, 10,000 this year and another 10,000 in 2002.'
  10. 'The army was demobilised and without having lost a battle, the nation had lost the war.'
  11. 'Germany demanded that they demobilize within twelve hours'
  12. 'They were also planning and preparing reception areas for disarming and housing combatants from a variety of armed factions that must demobilise in terms of a set of peace and ceasefire agreements.'
  13. 'After World War II, the U.S. demobilized as quickly as it could.'
  14. 'In the end though, he finds himself recording the activities of a retreating army, which in spite of political turmoil at home and some internal dissension within the ranks, demobilized almost as efficiently as it had mobilized.'
  15. 'Washington was trying to put Germany back on its feet while simultaneously demobilizing and turning to domestic matters.'
  16. 'Splinter paramilitary groups did not sign on to the agreement to demobilize.'
  17. 'The fighters are gradually demobilizing and in return getting light sentences for their crimes.'
  18. 'He is handing in his gun to the government, since they just had a peace process and his paramilitaries are demobilising.'

More definitions

1. to disband (troops, an army, etc.).

2. to discharge (a person) from military service.

More examples(as adjective)

"bulks can be demobilise."

"thousandses can be demobilise."

"militias can be demobilise."

"combatants can be demobilise."


(demobilize)Late 19th century: from French démobiliser, from dé- (expressing reversal) + mobiliser ‘mobilize’.