Adjective "demagnetised" definition and examples

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Remove magnetic properties from.
  1. 'This week, a fellow who used the same system as you have around the house to demagnetise ships.'
  2. 'West pressed the black button, which reeled in the wire without demagnetising the hook, and he was lifted off his feet and up the air-vent.'
  3. 'Thermal demagnetization was much more effective and most of the specimens were demagnetized using this technique.'
  4. 'You can't drown it, however, and you can't demagnetize it.'
  5. 'During the thermal demagnetization procedure each sample was demagnetized with a minimum of ten steps based on a scheme designed after a detailed pilot demagnetization study.'
  6. 'Idle disks may start to lose data and start to demagnetize after a year or two, unless they are spun-up every 30 days.'
  7. 'I told them to use demagnetized metal tools and proper shielding.'
  8. 'If the bit becomes too small, the magnetic energy holding the bit in place may also become so small that thermal energy can cause it to demagnetize.'
  9. 'As stated, the difference between magnetized and demagnetized material was that electrons in a magnetized object are aligned to go in a single rather than a seemingly randomized direction.'

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1. to remove magnetization from.

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"zones can be demagnetised."