Adjective "deionized" definition and examples

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Remove the ions or ionic constituents from (a substance, especially water)
  1. 'This reactor uses deionised water for ozone generation.'
  2. 'I washed the film for 30 minutes and carried out a final rinse with deionised water with a few drops of wetting agent added.'
  3. 'The extract was evaporated at 40°C then dissolved with 0.5 ml of deionized water.'
  4. 'All solutions were prepared using fresh deionized water.'
  5. 'Cholesterol was dissolved in ethanol and distilled, deionized water was added dropwise until a white precipitate appeared.'
  6. 'The last residues were washed with deionized water until the washes reached pH 5.5.'
  7. 'All the reagents were of the highest quality available and deionized double-distilled water was used throughout the experiments.'
  8. 'The plants were washed thoroughly with deionized distilled water, dried in a shed, and compressed into a powder with the help of a manual grinder.'
  9. 'I highly recommend a reverse osmosis / deionizing water filter, if you don't already have one.'
  10. 'Glassware was cleaned with chromic acid, rinsed with plenty of deionized water and dried in a clean environment.'

More definitions

1. to remove ions from.

2. to reassociate the ions of (an ionized gas).

More examples(as adjective)

"waters can be deionized."