Adjective "deftly" definition and examples

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In a way that is neatly skilful and quick in movement.
  1. 'Lizzy deftly weaves her way through the crowd'
  2. 'William leapt off the horse and tied it quickly and deftly to the fence post.'
  3. 'The persistence paid off when 14 minutes later, Springer scored again from a low shot placed deftly into the far left corner of the net.'
  4. 'Your baby is on all fours, wobbling yes, but deftly maneuvering around the living room furniture.'
  5. 'The film shows a pair of nimble, experienced hands framed in close-up, deftly preparing an impossibly lovely meal.'
  6. 'Walsh fastened on to a corner from Arrigan and deftly side-stepped two defenders before planting the ball low past Keoghan.'
  7. 'the show's writers deftly balance humour and grief'
  8. 'The new work feels risky and adventurous, employing a range of techniques and motifs, and deftly combining the seductive with the rugged.'
  9. 'The old characters have been updated deftly and there are some pretty good new ones.'
  10. 'Hughes deftly kept tensions within the Administration under control.'
  11. 'This movie is so deftly directed and wonderfully acted that it can be enjoyed as a sumptuous spectacle of unconventional costumed camp.'
  12. 'Ranging deftly among philosophy and literary history, his first chapter is a solid foundation for the rest of the book.'

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adjective, defter, deftest.

1. dexterous; nimble; skillful; clever: deft hands; a deft mechanic.