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Free (the interior of a refrigerator or freezer) of accumulated ice, usually by turning it off for a period.
  1. 'I have defrosted my freezer (it is now about twice the size it was).'
  2. 'Frost Free models are more expensive both to buy and to run, but eliminate the dreaded task of defrosting a large unit.'
  3. 'I went upstairs with her, she said she was defrosting the freezer, and there was maybe an inch of water right across their kitchen floor.'
  4. 'A small amount is used to keep the cabinet from sweating, to defrost the refrigerator, and to illuminate the interior.'
  5. 'And still I defrosted both the freezer and fridge only a month ago.'
  6. 'Manual defrost models use half the energy of automatic defrost models but must be defrosted periodically to remain energy efficient.'
  7. 'Then you can come over and defrost my refrigerator.'
  8. 'One was gobbled up immediately, the other sat in my freezer until I defrosted it and gobbled it up just as greedily.'
  9. 'I cleaned the department office, defrosted our refrigerator, found some framed pictures for the walls, and brought in a few potted plants.'
  10. 'defrost the turkey slowly'
  11. 'Make sure any frozen meat is fully defrosted before you cook it, and check everything's piping hot and cooked through before you serve it.'
  12. 'In 1973 Wilmut made his first big scientific breakthrough, by freezing a calf embryo, defrosting it and successfully reimplanting it in a surrogate mother.'
  13. 'Microwaves have come a long way since the days when their main uses were defrosting meat and heating up leftovers.'
  14. 'If large crystals are allowed to form, they damage the structure of the meat physically, and on thawing some of the water is lost in the form of ‘drip’, the thin red fluid which defrosting meat releases.'
  15. 'Instead of heading toward the bedroom, Al poked around in the kitchen, defrosting some bread and sausages for breakfast, checking out how Gus had supplied the larder this time.'
  16. 'The shops buy the bait early in the year outside the season for a cheaper price and then leave it for months in deep freezes to defrost it later on and re-pack it in smaller quantities.'
  17. 'When I got back from Florida last night and I was cranky and tired and hungry for something sweet, I defrosted the shortbread dough that I froze a few weeks back.'
  18. 'They might prefer to buy them frozen, defrost them at home and eat them freshly defrosted, so to speak, not after they have been sitting in a pool of water for several days.'
  19. 'I resorted to defrosting a lemon, mixing it into the sliced fruit with some sugar and then wrapping the whole lot in puff pasty.'
  20. 'There are three ways to safely defrost food: under cold running water, in the microwave, and in the refrigerator.'
  21. 'The system then tells the vehicle's vents to open, pre-warming the interior of the vehicle and defrosting the windshield.'
  22. 'In addition to cooling the car in the summer, the system can also be used to defrost windows during the winter.'

More definitions

1. to remove the frost or ice from: to defrost a refrigerator; to defrost the windshield of a car.

2. to thaw or partially thaw (frozen food). verb (used without object)

3. to become free of ice or frost: The refrigerator defrosted quickly.

4. to thaw, as frozen food: The meat took two hours to defrost.

More examples(as adjective)

"foods can be defrosting."