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Conforming with generally accepted standards of respectable or moral behaviour.
  1. 'Both these people have talent but far more than that they come across as nice, decent, genuine young people.'
  2. 'But this is Australia and most people are fair, decent and respect difference.'
  3. 'We have a lot of nice, decent people who come here to drink, and will have nowhere else to go if it is shut.'
  4. 'There is no place for it in a decent and moral society.'
  5. 'We should be here in the House to establish decent standards of behaviour in our society.'
  6. 'The majority of people who live on that north Peckham estate are decent, peaceful and moral.'
  7. 'But there used to be limits that decent men and women respected.'
  8. 'If some leader was prepared to argue the decent moral position, people would follow.'
  9. 'It's insulting to my morals as a decent human being to have to watch people degrade themselves on television and use sly tactics in order to win money.'
  10. 'I talk to a nice, decent guy who understands my frustration but can't do jack about it.'
  11. 'they would meet again after a decent interval'
  12. 'After a decent interval has passed, we'll hear what they're going to do.'
  13. 'These orders were invariably cancelled, after a decent interval, due to the whims of our fictitious clients.'
  14. 'One source told Hersh that ‘after a decent interval,’ he would depart.'
  15. 'After a decent interval of days, the identity of the new Prime Minister was no surprise.'
  16. 'The mildest critics argued that they were premature and that a decent interval should have been allowed before the struggle to analyse and understand began.'
  17. 'After a decent interval he and Madeleine left Carew to his liqueurs and cynicism and headed back across the square to the Hotel Adernis.'
  18. 'Then came the main courses - served after a decent interval to allow some digesting and conversation to take place before studious consumption resumed.'
  19. 'So, after a decent interval occupied by morning chores, off we went into the sunshine.'
  20. 'After a decent interval, Prince George married his late brother's fiancée, Princess May, and they were a far more suitable couple than she and Eddy would have been.'
  21. 'I chatted for a decent interval, then picked up my book, smiled, and wished them a pleasant vacation.'
  22. 'By the time she was dressed and looking somewhat decent, she had only three minutes until Aidan was due to arrive.'
  23. 'She got out of bed and changed into a decent dress of woolspun.'
  24. 'Besides, I also don't want to see your hairy chest… wear some decent clothes.'
  25. 'Others find her propensity for tacky glamour and ostentatious lack of decent clothing a little too much to bear.'
  26. 'She made for a decent picture dressed in simple dark brown cashmere, and her hair placed in a simple bun at the nape of her neck.'
  27. '‘Hello, miss? Are you decent?’'
  28. '"Yeah, well I'm glad one person is half decent here besides myself.'
  29. 'Over the weekend I tend to wander around in my pyjamas, contact lenses not yet inserted, until after breakfast, before attempting to dress and get decent.'
Of an acceptable standard; satisfactory.
  1. 'Quite how authentically Tunisian the snake charmers, contortionists and belly dancers were I don't know, but it was a good laugh and the meal was decent enough.'
  2. 'Those of us who depend on a decent public transport service are entitled to ask Mr Hughes for a list of those bus routes he intends to chop if he is elected.'
  3. 'They use cheap materials and actually destroy a lot of decent furniture and fittings in the process - if something is considered unfashionable it gets taken out or painted over.'
  4. 'We want clean, quiet hospital wards with appropriate privacy and decent food.'
  5. 'The eight English clubs with the most money should really compete for the European places if they have a half decent manager and appropriate board level backing.'
  6. 'Without a decent road network and fitting sewerage system, Livingstone is bound to not only lose out on increased numbers of tourists but also job creation.'
  7. 'A decent crowd of 1,526 witnessed something of a shock result, but really the game was as one-sided as anything seen at Cougar Park this season.'
  8. 'Anthony Fedorov has a decent voice, but he's more likely to make it through on sympathy votes.'
  9. 'Try as I would, I couldn't seem to make a decent cup of tea, and it even looked odd - a dismal grey instead of a healthy brown.'
  10. 'We don't have a preference for any particular part of town, just a nice B&B with decent Tube access.'
  11. 'there's a few decent players in the team'
  12. 'Now I am not going to complain if they do put more stuff out of this nature but I think that there is quite a lot already - maybe I would like at least one programme a night but some decent drama would be nice as well.'
  13. '‘They are playing really well and they have some decent young players, so they are a hard team to play against,’ conceded Paul.'
  14. 'Because they have only a handful of decent players, trades have been hard to come by - you can't get something for nothing.'
  15. 'It's satisfying to get two decent, sustaining main meals for two hungry blokes out of one medium sized chicken.'
  16. 'What you have here is nice folks running a decent restaurant with unique food.'
  17. 'So, if you live not too far away, make sure it is on your list of places to visit next time you want to sit down to a decent meal and a nice glass of wine without breaking the bank.'
  18. 'If you think for a minute that I don't want a nice house, a decent car, gadgets and remote controls, then you've really got the wrong idea.'
  19. 'In this vein, as well as the fact that this recipe is Ligurian in its history, it seemed only appropriate to post a decent pesto recipe.'
  20. 'It was followed by a decent Caesar salad, with a tangy dressing that was appropriately not too creamy after the pot of cheese we'd just consumed.'
  21. 'If you put all of those young players into the team at the same time, without some really decent players alongside them, you will lose.'
  22. 'Tommie was regarded among all who knew him as a very decent and obliging man.'
  23. '‘David was the best husband you could wish for; he was loving, dependable and considerate, a very decent man,’ she said.'
  24. 'John and Rich were very decent though, agreeing to sleep on the lounge floor.'
  25. 'Frank has always been approachable, a very honest, decent, generous man, with a great sense of humour too.'
  26. 'I told her everything and she listened, which I thought was pretty decent of a total stranger who looked sober.'
  27. 'He was a grand decent neighbour, reliable and dependable, and one of the fine ‘old stock’ of the parish.'
  28. 'We may disagree on much, but he's a thoughtful, decent man.'



1. conforming to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, etc., as in behavior or speech.

2. respectable; worthy: a decent family.

3. adequate; fair; passable: a decent wage.

4. kind; obliging; generous: It was very decent of him to lend me his watch.

5. suitable; appropriate: She did not have a decent coat for the cold winter.

6. of fairly attractive appearance: a decent face.

7. Informal. wearing enough clothing to appear in public.

8. Slang.

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"people can be decent in/at/on todays."

"sales can be decent in/at/on mornings."

"presses can be decent to people."

"presses can be decent for years."

"pickles can be decent about prejudices."

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Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘suitable, appropriate’): from Latin decent- ‘being fitting’, from the verb decere.


do the decent thing