Adjective "Dead" Definition and Examples




    1. no longer living; deprived of life: dead people; dead flowers; dead animals.

    2. brain-dead.

    3. not endowed with life; inanimate: dead stones.

    4. resembling death; deathlike: a dead sleep; a dead faint.

    5. bereft of sensation; numb: He was half dead with fright. My leg feels dead.

    6. lacking sensitivity of feeling; insensitive: dead to the needs of others.

    7. incapable of being emotionally moved; unresponsive: dead to the nuances of the music.


    "people can be dead on arrivals."

    "people can be dead at hospitals."

    "people can be dead for years."

    "people can be dead by nows."

    "people can be dead in waters."

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