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Lasting a whole day.
  1. 'A fine day was expected to increase the turnout on last year's vote, when day-long torrential rain kept many potential voters home and dry.'
  2. 'This is the 11 th year in which we are organising a day-long marketplace under one roof for job-seekers and recruiters.'
  3. 'Rescuers of a wild giant panda which wandered into a Chinese city were led on a day-long chase before capturing the animal.'
  4. 'Guides from North Yorkshire were among those who took part in the day-long event which was designed to celebrate international diversity.'
  5. 'Ballina will celebrate St Patrick's Day this year with day-long festivities, culminating with a parade.'
  6. 'No, I had to give a day-long deposition, as he did too.'
  7. 'The festival culminates with a day-long event at Prince's Island Park on Saturday, August 17.'
  8. 'The day-long get-together of food and frolic has been taking place at the facility three times a year for about the last 15 years.'
  9. 'What made the vigorous day-long debate so fascinating was that these men were wrestling with how to define the ‘good life’.'
  10. 'On Day Two of this new job, the Fax Machine and I had a day-long duel of wits.'


1. during the entire day; lasting all day: a daylong trip.

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"strikes can be daylong."

"meetings can be daylong."

"swims can be daylong."

"hearings can be daylong."

"wakes can be daylong."

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