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Waste time; be slow.
  1. 'Those who dawdled with their doubts were diverting attention from important government work.'
  2. 'When we are trying to go somewhere I sometimes feel that S. is dawdling and delaying.'
  3. 'I had dawdled a little bit at the beginning so I could keep back with the girls, but the rest of the run had felt a lot faster to me.'
  4. 'They dawdled and were successful in wasting the whole period in taking a single picture each.'
  5. 'When the school run was necessitated, it was because I had dawdled over breakfast.'
  6. 'Are you dawdling, putting off doing the things that would help you move closer to the end result?'
  7. 'So slowly Ella dawdled outside where she found Maddie sitting on the bench of a picnic table staring at a group of boys who were playing a game of touch football in the school yard.'
  8. 'He dawdled on the ball at the corner flag and, when he should have been launching an attack, allowed Barry Nicholson to rob him.'
  9. 'When dawdling in Waterstones, the self-help aisle rarely calls my name.'
  10. 'You may not be a hard pusher for one of your shortcomings may be that you dawdle a bit.'
  11. 'Ruth dawdled back through the wood'
  12. 'It was quite funny coming back - Clare, Sandra and I decided to dawdle back to the History Room, so went along the Middle Corridor, and stood there waving to people on the Art Room balcony.'
  13. 'Led by a fully qualified fitness instructor, there's no time for dawdling around the centre and doing a little window shopping.'
  14. 'We could have dawdled around Kettlewell's charming nooks and crannies but had a hill to climb, no less a lump than Great Whernside.'
  15. 'I moved on and turned right away from the docks and dawdled along doing some inconsequential window-shopping as I went.'
  16. 'Actually we dawdled through Dulwich Village and then hurried to the Park just as it was closing.'
  17. 'For a Saturday the store was very busy, as customers dawdled up and down the newly stocked aisles.'
  18. 'Yet it had all started so promisingly that those fans who dawdled on their way to the match might have missed the first try.'
  19. 'American hard rockers Amen have been quiet in the UK but have signed a major deal in the States and the shambolic Alfie are still dawdling along albeit somewhat aimlessly.'

More definitions

1. to waste time; idle; trifle; loiter: Stop dawdling and help me with these packages!

2. to move slowly, languidly, or dilatorily; saunter. verb (used with object), dawdled, dawdling.

3. to waste (time) by or as if by trifling (usually followed by away): He dawdled away the whole morning.

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"tortoises can be dawdling."

"people can be dawdling."

"indifferences can be dawdling."

"galaxies can be dawdling."

"feet can be dawdling."

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(dawdle)Mid 17th century: related to dialect daddle, doddle ‘dally’.