Adjective "davenport" definition and examples

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An ornamental writing desk with drawers and a sloping surface for writing.
  1. 'Perfect for the drawing room, living room or study, the Davenport Desk is made from quality mahogany wood and boasts a fine leather top.'
  2. 'The first is a davenport circa 1870, veneered in a number of woods including arbutus and holly.'
A large heavily upholstered sofa.
  1. 'Henry scraped his supper plate into the garbage and then, when everything was put away, and it was all over for another month, sat down on the davenport and switched on the television.'
  2. 'Ben helped Joe to his feet, then walked him to the davenport.'

More definitions

1. a large sofa, often one convertible into a bed.

2. Chiefly British. a small writing desk.

More examples(as adjective)

"reboundeds can be davenport."

"crashings can be davenport."