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Carelessly coat or smear (a surface) with a thick or sticky substance.
  1. 'A graveside statue of the Virgin Mary in Sligo Cemetery is the latest local monument to be daubed with red paint.'
  2. 'The couple are accused of daubing neighbours' homes and cars with paint, hurling torrents of abuse at passers-by, and holding drunken all-day and all-night parties.'
  3. 'Farm machinery was sabotaged, cars were daubed with paint stripper and the home windows of staff were smashed.'
  4. 'Back in Edinburgh clients are daubed with the dead sea mud or seaweed (or both, one after the other) and wrapped in a mylar sheet - the type of fabric worn by athletes to cover up after a race.'
  5. 'After this process has been repeated eight to 30 times, workers daub a special mud on it, lay it out in the sun for some time, then wash it and sun-dry it again.'
  6. 'And she claims her home was daubed with paint, and she has been pelted with stones.'
  7. 'People daub paint or smear mud over their bodies and go wild in the streets.'
  8. 'He uses a brush, a palette knife or his fingers to daub the oil pigments on to the canvas as thickly as mashed potato.'
  9. 'When the boy was caught daubing paint on an Uncle's car, and subsequently whacked with a walking stick to teach him a lesson, she didn't speak to the family for two years.'
  10. 'Since May 16, hunting activists have daubed paint in nine different places around York, Selby and Ryedale.'
  11. 'a canvas with paint daubed on it'
  12. 'Until now residents and businesses have had to pay the council to use its high-pressure water jets to remove any graffiti daubed on their property.'
  13. 'Fireworks were thrown at them, paint was daubed on their car, their puppy was pelted with bricks and there were arson attacks on their home.'
  14. 'Residents at a Haydon Wick centre for the disabled find car windows smashed and graffiti daubed on walls.'
  15. 'They saw Viro, daubed with the mud of the Trail of the Wending Willow, seated nobly, upon the battle-wearied steed; and the dangling head of Eshtu from the saddle.'
  16. 'Did you come back to find anything daubed on your walls?'
  17. 'With their faces daubed in camouflage paint and with assault rifles and machine guns under their arms they were a terrifying sight for the Hassan family, who huddled together in fear.'
  18. 'Slogans were daubed on the pavement including, ‘What sort of liberators use depleted uranium, napalm, cluster bombs?’'
  19. 'In the background, just visible, slogans can be seen daubed on the ruins and on banners hanging from windows.'
  20. 'The graffiti, which was daubed on the creamery wall read: ‘Martin Ferris is here to stay‘.'
  21. '‘Smith Out’ read the graffiti daubed on wall at the Bellefield training ground as the first-team squad reported back for duty.'
  22. 'Many evangelical churches had windows smashed and walls daubed with offensive graffiti.'
  23. 'Recently, graffiti has been daubed on walls and an elderly resident has suffered a broken window.'
  24. 'The slogan was daubed with black paint on the Mercedes, which was parked outside their home in Blacklion, Cavan.'
  25. 'The Metropolitan police choose to stand back from the protest until one group of protesters attacks the fast food restaurant and daubs slogans on the Cenotaph.'
  26. 'Many in the capital wore the Yushchenko campaign colour of orange, while some showed their disdain for Yanukovich by daubing skips and wheelie-bins with the words ‘This is where Yanukovich belongs’.'
  27. 'It was reported as this newspaper went to press that Feltham Assembly Hall had been daubed with National Front supporting graffiti.'
  28. 'Anti-globalisation graffiti was daubed on the Tesco Express store in the town on Christmas Eve.'
  29. 'Martin Eadon, a director in London, had his walls daubed with slogans.'
  30. 'Earlier this year officers launched the town's first dispersal order in Stratton to split up gangs of troublesome teenagers that congregate to cause criminal damage, daub graffiti and intimidate people.'
  31. 'The intruders forced their way into the house through the back door in the early hours of Tuesday morning, daubing graffiti on walls, smashing windows and throwing paint over the furniture.'


A patch or smear of a thick or sticky substance.
  1. 'His wings were well-groomed, colored the same deep, brick-red, and it appeared that he had taken the time to dip the end of each feather in a tiny daub of gold paint.'
  2. 'The color of the middle form is mainly white with daubs of yellow.'
  3. 'We scan our memories for forms to match the synoptic daubs of paint; we attempt to complete what the artist has omitted.'
  4. 'The painter's torso, made of a palette or shield that trails wings or oars, is splattered with highly stylized daubs of paint that evoke not only paint but also open wounds, swooping birds or, even, bird droppings.'
  5. 'Central to the work is a big fir tree defined by hastily applied daubs of paint.'
  6. 'Ingram has been investigating the idea of a painting that thinks - he even invented a machine that scarified the wall with yellow daubs at this show's opening.'
  7. 'Thick daubs and spatters of paint represent the fruit and jugs.'
  8. 'Faint daubs of paint, suggestive of blowing leaves, seem to hover around them, and a series of black lines ‘connecting’ them charge the space.'
  9. 'I wipe daubs of mud from my face, grinning because I'm above the tree line, in wide open country.'
  10. 'They were supported by bits of Granny Smith apple and a daub of pistachio purée.'
  11. 'she stuck the painting up alongside the daubs made by her children'
  12. 'Blanch wrote: ‘What detestable daubs his pictures are to be sure.’'
  13. 'It's a natural assumption that his daubs and the words he writes in them and alongside them somehow inform one another, but that's to ignore the more telling effect writing has in his early work.'
  14. 'It's tempting to see parallels between their rich, expressionist daubs and the emotionally charged abstractions of Perelman's restless muse.'
Plaster, clay, or another substance used for coating a surface, especially when mixed with straw and applied to laths or wattles to form a wall.
  1. 'Picture yourself as a peasant in your wood and daub hut, while the storms of the Northern Hemisphere winter rage outside and the snow lies deep upon the ground.'
  2. 'According to one resident who contacted the Weekender, daub is also being dumped on the site, although it was not immediately visible and so could not be confirmed.'
  3. 'But there has been no word yet on whether the hammer beamed thatched roof, mud floors and wattle & daub walls are up to spec…'
  4. 'Homes are constructed of waddle and daub (woven sticks and mud) with thatched roofs.'
  5. 'Wattle and daub construction, the use of cisterns to collect water, the ‘Big Yard’ or common area, and verandas and porches can be traced to Africa.'
  6. 'This new settlement had substantial rectangular houses, made of mud brick or timber and daub on stone foundations.'

More definitions

1. to cover or coat with soft, adhesive matter, as plaster or mud: to daub a canvas with paint; to daub stone walls with mud.

2. to spread (plaster, mud, etc.) on or over something: to daub plaster on a brick wall.

3. to smear, soil, or defile.

4. to apply, as paint or colors, unskillfully. verb (used without object)

5. to daub something.

6. to paint unskillfully. noun

7. material, especially of an inferior kind, for daubing walls.

8. something daube

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"walls can be daubed."

"names can be daubed."

"slogans can be daubed."

"wings can be daubed."

"wattleses can be daubed."

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(daub)Late Middle English: from Old French dauber, from Latin dealbare ‘whiten, whitewash’, based on albus ‘white’.