Adjective "dateless" definition and examples



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Not clearly belonging to any particular period, therefore not likely to go out of date.
  1. 'the farcical element throughout was dateless'
  2. 'But they are never out of fashion, since these clothes set their own fashion. ... They are dateless in a sense and, because they are carefully crafted.'
  3. 'The minister, in his dateless letter received by QTM on 7. August last year, recognised the industry is the mainstay of the Mareeba community.'
  4. 'I take the earliest opportunity of acknowledging the receipt of your dateless letter, and returning you my best thanks for it.'


1. without a date; undated.

2. endless; limitless.

3. so old as to be undatable: a dateless rock formation.

4. of permanent interest regardless of age: a dateless work of art.

5. having no social engagement.

More examples(as adjective)

"dresses can be dateless."