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(of a man) attractive, adventurous, and full of confidence.
  1. 'He is joined by first-timer Craig Emmanuel - an 18-year-old dashing opening batsman.'
  2. 'Then along came the man she thought she would be spending the rest of her life with, dashing Scottish laird Archie Stirling.'
  3. 'I dreamed I was in a flowing gown, whisked away on a beautiful black steed, safely encompassed in the arms of a dashing stranger.'
  4. 'AS ONE OF Scotland's most dashing aristocrats, Count Robin de la Lanne Mirrlees has led an action-packed life.'
  5. 'His face was that of a dashing man, flawless in its complexion.'
  6. 'Are those historical romances in the Victorian / Regency age about dashing lords and young innocent debutants mere clones of each other?'
  7. 'At his age, Tony Curtis was the dashing hero of colourful romps such as The Prince Who Was A Thief and Son of Ali Baba.'
  8. 'I know I'm not the most handsome or dashing guy in the world, but I'm really nice and try my hardest when it comes to impressing a potential mating partner.'
  9. 'She is firmly matched in Peter Bowles, a dashing man who carries the world in the furrow of his brow but who radiates genteel grace.'
  10. 'Now that my hair was wet, it sort of approximated the style I wanted - the dashing, modern and trendy middle aged man.'
  11. 'a dashing black fedora'
  12. 'Lucknow was consciously aiming to surpass the glories of Late Moghul Delhi and the Great Imambara shows it could do so with dashing panache.'
  13. 'The funniest and most dashing idea seems to be the ‘family cus-cus weekend’ which will take place in August.'
  14. 'I just have to keep reminding myself that anyone can wear a dashing black turban and eyepatch.'
  15. 'In his fleece-lined leather flight suit and dashing silk scarf, Dad epitomized exuberant youth and boundless vitality.'


1. energetic and spirited; lively: a dashing hero.

2. elegant and gallant in appearance and manner: a dashing young cavalry officer.

3. showy; stylish.

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"people can be dashing in choices."

"hopes can be dashing."

"people can be dashing."

"figures can be dashing."

"batsmans can be dashing."

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