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In a threatening, mysterious, or ominous way.
  1. 'The Chancellor could also hint darkly at the possibility of a windfall tax on the oil companies.'
  2. 'Their opera is the mysterious and darkly moving tale of what happened after the pied piper left Hamelin.'
  3. 'Already, Labour MPs are making complaints about this and hinting darkly that they won't do interviews if they are asked questions about devolved matters.'
  4. 'He hints darkly at the impending murder of Banquo and Fleance but does not confide that he has already commissioned it.'
  5. 'He did so in language that hinted darkly at a revival of the Cold War.'
  6. 'He should have hinted darkly at death threats and used many anonymous sources without ever producing any kind of proof.'
  7. 'Fine Gael sources hint darkly that all this publicity cannot be doing his firm any good, and point to transactions last week where the firm bought back its own shares.'
  8. 'McLeish hinted, darkly, about replacing the 30-year-old.'
  9. 'It has been hinted darkly that if Scots do not support the London Games, nationwide backing for Glasgow's 2014 Commonwealth Games bid could suffer.'
  10. 'He likes to hint darkly of terrors that would set all such petty concerns at naught.'
  11. 'I wondered darkly if I was wasting my time'
  12. 'It's a darkly comic drama, which makes you wonder how they get away with it.'
  13. 'Euripides's darkly psychological study of a woman's obsession with her murdered father and her quest for retribution presents its characters not as mythical heroes, but as flawed human beings.'
  14. 'Are we programmed to be conformists, secretly fascinated by the power of authority, as the psychologists of the Frankfurt School wondered darkly in the aftermath of the Second World War?'
  15. 'The humanism was still there, but it was now pessimistic and darkly existential.'
With a dark colour.
  1. 'One of the cops shouted as the two darkly dressed operatives ran into the trees.'
  2. 'The colours are as crisp as can be remembered and the darkly lit interiors are presented with a clarity impossible to achieve on video.'
  3. 'She eased it out to reveal a trap door and as she poked outside of this mysterious door, her new room… was darkly lit as she crept onto the bed…'
  4. 'Here, against the lingering light of a winter afternoon, I have often watched, fascinated, as the darkly silhouetted harriers glide in just above the reeds.'
  5. 'The room was darkly lit and the amorphous silhouettes littered about in the shadows made it claustrophobic.'
  6. 'This one was taller, and a little heavy, with long black curly hair framing a darkly tanned face with laugh lines around the dark brown eyes.'
  7. 'Most have dark and black hair, and have darkly painted finger nails.'
  8. 'He walked up until he was standing right in front of her, his dark shadow looming darkly over her limp form on the ground, cross-legged.'
  9. 'Just then, another figure moved into the pool of light, dressed darkly like Jerred.'
  10. 'And true to the Lieutenant's word, seconds later a vast array of darkly coloured ships emerged from the even deeper black of space.'

More definitions

1. so as to appear dark.

2. vaguely; mysteriously.

3. in a vaguely threatening or menacing manner: He hinted darkly that we had not heard the last of the matter.

4. imperfectly; faintly.

More examples(as adjective)

"smilings can be darkly."

"people can be darkly."