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(of a person or action) adventurous or audaciously bold.
  1. 'She is a daring director who is constantly pushing the limits.'
  2. 'I guess I was more daring in my youth than I am now.'
  3. 'Following to the recent bugging of the DP offices, our daring team of investigative reporters bugged the DP offices, to see what was on the infamous tapes.'
  4. 'Meanwhile in Stanhope, County Durham, emergency services performed the daring James Bond-style rescue of another driver after his car got stuck at a flooded ford.'
  5. 'In her interviews, Mira Nair has said that she was enamoured of this great classic from her schooldays, and especially its daring heroine, Becky Sharp.'
  6. 'He had fallen for her rebellious daring personality the moment they met.'
  7. 'A daring pilot, he set a handful of aviation world records, including one for a 1938 flight around the world in just over 91 hours.'
  8. 'A daring traveller made the newspaper headlines in 1880 after a record journey between New Plymouth and Wellington.'
  9. 'We'll tell you about a daring raid with surprising results next.'
  10. 'Cheng is a bold and daring man, working at whatever it takes to give his boy a chance to succeed in life.'
  11. 'he rapidly discovered an audience hungry for his daring new works'
  12. 'I was darnedly self-conscious in my daring clothes.'
  13. 'All the children, surprised by her daring question, looked at them curiously.'
  14. 'It's Hallowe'en this Friday, the perfect opportunity to cast off your tried and tested clothes and make-up and emerge in a more daring disguise.'


Adventurous courage.
  1. 'Faber was surprised by his daring: He had never done anything like that before.'
  2. 'The photographs record the important images of the Rapa and capture the courage and daring of the local horsemen.'
  3. 'I actually don't think there's much that's inherently immoral to illegal immigration - it may often show pluck and daring.'
  4. 'You see people reach for it now and again, but Malick's daring is both outrageous and calming.'
  5. 'He is a very dear friend of ours, an Army Officer of bravery and daring combined with intelligence.'
  6. 'As each year passes common sense and self preservation consume the reckless daring that has overwhelmed my life so far.'
  7. 'Yossi Beilin is a hero who deserves our gratitude for his courage and daring.'
  8. 'But then again that may not be too surprising as daring is far from an alien concept for this club.'
  9. '‘A landmark in cinema, an awesome feat of imagination and daring,’ gushed Christopher Tookey in the Daily Mail.'
  10. 'Their performance was one of courage and daring.'


1. adventurous courage; boldness. adjective

2. bold or courageous; fearless or intrepid; adventurous.

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"canals can be daring in engineerings."

"attacks can be daring."

"raids can be daring."

"people can be daring."

"appeals can be daring."

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