Adjective "dapple-gray" definition and examples


/dapl ˈɡreɪ/

Definitions and examples


(of a horse) grey or white with darker ring-like markings.
  1. 'Rachel's frown darkened, but when the sharp sound of horse hooves approached fast behind, she halted and turned to see a lathered dapple gray gelding mounted by the familiar physique of ‘Robert!’'
  2. 'She continued to scrutinize his expression as his glower remained focused on the ground at their feet, one hand firmly gripping the reins of his lathered dapple-gray gelding while the other tightly held his riding crop.'


A dapple-grey horse.
  1. 'He is a dapple grey but whitening and stands over 15 hands. We have owned him since he was 6 months old.'
  2. 'Judge Hilton has increased his already possession of horse flesh by the purchase, within a few days, of five additional horses, a pair of dapple greys.'



1. gray with ill-defined mottling of a darker shade.