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(of a man) neat and trim in dress and appearance.
  1. 'He is thoroughly dapper: all straw boater and braces and a good line in patter.'
  2. 'In appearance he is slim and dapper, a man of medium height invariably dressed in expensive American suits that nevertheless contrive to look cheap.'
  3. 'He was a dapper guy, and he always had a little feather in his hat.'
  4. 'He is dapper in blazer, cane, sharp hat and regimental tie, which he wears with a tie clip.'
  5. 'A short while later it was opened again and a very dapper gentleman in English tweed opened it up to me.'
  6. 'If I recall correctly, he was wearing a blazer and appeared a very dapper 73-year-old.'
  7. 'He grew into a dapper and debonair-seeming man who modelled himself on the film star Ronald Coleman.'
  8. 'A long red ostrich plume sprouted back from the hat giving him a dapper appearance that befit the captain of a ship.'
  9. 'The small man, the dapper man with grey suit, grey tie and clean white shirt put out a hand to support me.'
  10. 'To my left was a rather dapper man, distinguished in dress and demeanor.'


1. neat; trim; smart: He looked very dapper in his new suit.

2. lively and brisk: to walk with a dapper step.

3. small and active.

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"people can be dapper."

"secretaries can be dapper."

"suits can be dapper."

"sons can be dapper."

"moustaches can be dapper."

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Late Middle English: probably from a Middle Low German or Middle Dutch word meaning ‘strong, stout’.