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Any of ten degrees of advanced proficiency in judo or karate.
  1. 'He had a fourth or fifth dan in karate and was extremely strong.'
  2. 'Later he was awarded his seventh dan in the organization.'
  3. 'So there are a good many people who stop coming completely after they get their dan.'
  4. 'Graeson, who holds a 10th dan black belt in jujitsu, and Chang, holder of an eighth dan karate black belt, were the foremost members of the Kitwe judo club.'
  5. 'He gave me a 6th dan and told me to go to the office to get the certificate!'
  6. 'He was the founder or ‘Shihan’ and his was the responsibility to authorize his pupils' dans.'
  7. 'For example, who would come out on top if fifth dans in judo and karate were to match skills?'
  8. 'He holds a 2nd dan in aikido and studies at the Northeast Aikikai, Chelmsford, MA.'
  9. 'Takahashi Sensei had dan rankings in aikido, kendo and judo and was very much an inspiration to me in my early years.'
  10. 'The headmaster has awarded a third dan to Mr. Alain Floquet of France.'
  11. 'in five years' time they can become a black belt second dan'
  12. 'Today, the 23-year-old second dan will be competing with the best in the world in one of the most esoteric martial arts on the planet.'
  13. 'At a recent judo clinic I attended, eighty-year old 10th dan Phil Porter told us we would achieve that when we had done a technique ‘ten thousand times’!'
  14. 'His successor was one of Kawai's students named Makoto Nishida, now a 6th dan.'
  15. 'One day, a 6th dan Karate teacher came to the dojo with an introduction from an acquaintance and challenged me to a match.'
  16. 'He is currently a 7th dan shihan and teaches aikido at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo.'
  17. 'One day a navy man confronted me, a person said to be a 7th dan holder in Kendo.'
  18. 'Chris Pate, a black belt first dan in Amayo Kai karate, has already smashed his way through 50 concrete blocks and last year fended off a Samurai attack by his wife in a thrilling demonstration of martial arts.'
  19. 'Even many of the third dans had progressed so far ahead of me that they could throw me all over the place.'
  20. 'He went to Hawaii as a 5th dan where he opened a dojo and has taught Aikido to several thousand Hawaiians.'
  21. 'Richard, a black belt second dan, took up the martial art of shotokan after being bullied in junior school, and found it boosted his confidence.'

proper noun

(in the Bible) a Hebrew patriarch, son of Jacob and Bilhah (Gen. 30:6).

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    1. a degree of expertise in karate, judo, tae kwon do, etc., usually signified by the wearing of a cloth belt of a particular color; level: a sixth-degree dan.

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    "cooperatives can be dan."


    1940s: from Japanese.