Adjective "Damp" Definition and Examples




    1. slightly wet; moist: damp weather; a damp towel.

    2. unenthusiastic; dejected; depressed: The welcoming committee gave them a rather damp reception. noun

    3. moisture; humidity; moist air: damp that goes through your warmest clothes.

    4. a noxious or stifling vapor or gas, especially in a mine.

    5. depression of spirits; dejection.

    6. a restraining or discouraging force or factor. verb (used with object)

    7. to make damp; moisten.

    8. to check or reta


    "surfaces can be damp with condensations."

    "skins can be damp with perspirations."

    "resorts can be damp in winters."

    "places can be damp at alls."

    "people can be damp with sweats."

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